Sarah was christened Sarah Jane Beatrice Newbury at Bratton Church.

There is an office in the house of which she is manager and secretary.  She is also currently studying for a law degree.  Her home address is in Westbury, Wiltshire.  She has many friends, receives fan mail from all over the world and gets on well with most people.  

Sarah Jane has always intended getting married and has had some boyfriends and offers of marriage, including dozens of millionaires and one proposal from a doctor. A previous boyfriend of 10 years is a Tony Jay, now married, who works for the MOD.  She she is still friends with Tony and his wife. (Click here for details of ex boyfriends).

Professional modelling photos for the Sunday People and the Dolls House Boutique A friend!  Chicago 2000.

Sarah Jane's first job was for a firm of solicitors in Windsor where she worked for two years as a legal secretary - she has since worked for many solicitor firms.  She has also been a bank/building society cashier, a nanny, worked in customer services and done secretarial work through agencies such as Bailey Employment in Melksham.  Sarah Jane worked for Professor Lunt, a Consultant Geneticist. at Bristol Children's Hospital for a while as a Secretary. She is very interested in genetics and heraldry and is doing a little work for a brilliant man who helps people with the histories of their name origins and any Coat of Arms, Mottos etc. there may be. Sarah Jane is delighted with the web site of Inkersole/ Ingersoll (see family).

Previous to that she studied a full time Secretarial and Business Studies course at Trowbridge College.  SJ also studied psychology, computer studies, accounts, shorthand, medical secretarial, and law.  Her headmistress Helen Gilliam said Sarah is exceptionally bright but is unusually spiritual and will be bullied away from decent people.  She was learning Latin at the age of five and has an interest in languages.  She attended prep school at Ravenscroft School which was at Beckington Castle.  Many of her fellow pupils went on to Oxford, Cambridge or other good universities.  Sarah Jane makes it clear that even if they had become refuse collectors they would be equally valued and doing a much needed job.  She then went on to a convent in Warminster.

Her first job after leaving Trowbridge College was for Lovegrove and Durant, Solicitors, Windsor for 2 years where she did all aspects of the law for Mr MFS Johnson and occasionally for the Senior Partner and Oliver Bettison. They are very nice men. When she left she received a letter inviting her to go back and work for the Senior Partner Mr Hancock but she had already started to look after the children of friends who were involved in a serious road accident (she often worked as a Nanny).  Sarah Jane was upset as, because she would not do anything, her boyfriend went off with someone else, Sarah was extremely upset, her job was stressful and there were ridiculous rumours she must be a lesbian for having the will power to refuse him or must have had a bad experience, so Sarah was very indignant and felt as if she would explode with anger at such stupid speculation and her Doctor said she was suffering from anxiety and to take a week off work. This is when she first asked to be examined to prove she is a virgin, not a lesbian, has never been raped, never been molested, never been pregnant, has missed out on all the action!! and is just waiting for marriage. Her boyfriend explained he would rather be with Sarah, and hoped she would want him when ready to settle down. Sarah was always fond of him but when he was ready to settle down she decided she was still not ready to get married.  

She then worked as a cashier and secretary to the Manager of the Britannia Building Society in Westbury, Wiltshire where she helped open the new branch after training in Bath. She then worked for a firm of Solicitors in South Kensington called Ellis and Fairbairn for a very nice man called David Grey and was doing every aspect of the law again. All the Solicitors at Ellis & Fairbairn were nice people and Sarah generally prefers to work for men.  She only left this job as she was told by another person there to see if she could get an operation to stop period pain! as she took time off sometimes. She decided to decline asking for an operation! and leave instead.

She started working for agencies which she loved as she got more variety and freedom. Amongst many assignments she was very happy working 3 months for the County Council in Wiltshire, 3 months for the District Council in Trowbridge, 2 months at Avon and Gloucestershire College of Health, The Charlotte Keel Health Centre, She often worked at the Princess Margaret Hospital Swindon where they were all very nice. She worked a lot for Bath Royal United Hospital for many Doctors and Consultants and eventually accepted a permanent post. She then returned to legal work for the agencies.

One of her saddest times at work was when a friend in his forties who ran his own flat and worked for many years was being upset by a social worker interfering in his life. He was suicidal and insulted by it and kept phoning SJ at work to ask her to send a letter urgently to the social worker and ask them to leave him alone on personal issues. Sarah Jane asked permission of work to send an urgent fax and paid them but instead of the social worker being reasoned with she twisted things round and told Sarah's Personnel woman who did not know Sarah and was only a kid she was interfering and faxing from work and should send Sarah back to legal work. SJ regrets she did not go to Watchdog about the Social Worker as the man tried to kill himself as he felt bullied. However a Councillor made a complaint about the Social Worker and she allowed the man who just wasn't very good at writing more freedom and dignity in the future. The Doctor and other Secretaries were very upset and said Sarah was a nice kind girl doing a good job. Sarah believes the real reason for the abuse of power from the social worker was not just evil arrogance but because when Sarah worked for her husband for 3 months she often called in and glared ! Sarah Jane's agency apologised to her and asked her to keep the peace for them to go back to Barnard and Co Solicitors, their best clients who are extremely nice people and then back to the Princess Margaret Hospital.  Sarah Jane is always being asked back to previous employers and is only sorry she cant be in all places at the same time and believes its very important caring people do caring jobs.

Sarah then worked for the Nat West Bank as a cashier in the Queens Road for a 3 month assignment and loves the shops in Bristol and Bath. Sarah Jane has many interesting jobs and can take time off when she needs to to help good causes etc.  She is a very happy person and loves having a web site so no-one can pretend she is any type of a hypocrite or con woman. She is a decent hardworking girl who loves helping to make the world a better place.

Sherry Ann, Sarah & Sally Sarah Jane, Sherry Ann and Zoe, age 13

Other interesting happy temporary work where everyone was nice to Sarah include HTV, Bristol, a very friendly team, Herbert Alpass Solicitors - for John Dando, Bennet and Legget Solicitors, Fishponds, Osborne Clarke Solicitors, Bristol, Lyons Davidson Solicitors, Bristol who are nice people, Brain Sinnot Solicitors, Bristol, Tim Davey Solicitors, Bristol, The Norwich Union, Bristol, Television Licensing where Sarah worked twice and was asked back to work for Mike Coles the Personnel Director as a secretary temp for a few weeks, Direct Line Insurance where everyone was nice and many others. More of Sarah's medical secretarial and receptionist work was at the Whiteladies Road Health Centre Health twice, Bristol and as Sarah is a very patient person she has also often been asked to work for the Mental Health Team NHS for places such as the Grove Road day hospital. Also for Roundway Hospital, Devizes (through Bailey employment, Melksham). Sarah Jane believes Teresa Thornton who was the Personnel at Waldens at one time (now appetito) in Trowbridge that Sarah worked for as a temp secretary and did some accounts work for recommended she worked for their top clients when Teresa Thornton became Manager of Baileys in Melksham as she already knew Sarah is a very professional and nice person after her work for her and following up Sarah's references. Sarah then worked for over 50 companies for them and found them a wonderful agency. One of the companies she worked for was St Andrews Hospital, Chippenham on a couple of occasions both as a receptionist and secretary. They were very nice people. All of Baileys top clients are nice people and all very pleased with Sarah.

Christmas shopping in Paris Sarah Jane's famous St. Bernard 'Sherry Ann' helped suckle her Samoyed 'Sugar's' puppies

Sarah has often done court work for firms of Solicitors as an Executive not just a Secretary as after years of legal work you gain the theory of practice which is as helpful as study if not better. Her studies are doing well.  SJ gave a dozen excellent legal references to an agency called Ecco in Bristol and she was chosen to do some work for Gadds Solicitors from Cheltenham in the Bristol Courts liaising with barristers. Everything was fine and very interesting. The Agency gave her a bunch of flowers nearly as big as Sarah which she gave to her grandmother.  Sarah Jane was very happy working for The Guinness Housing Association in Bristol and doing a three month contract for the Anchor Housing Association In Bath.

Sarah Jane has never let any of her dogs have more than two litters. She  intended having only one litter from them each but  her St. Bernard had only one puppy in her first litter, and friends all wanted a puppy from her, and her Samoyed decided to have a second litter herself and jumped over a wall to get to her mate!  Sarah's cross-bred collie Charlene had a very large litter and Tony Durant, who is like a brother, has still got Charlene's puppy Lucky who is featured on the front page of the Bath Evening Chronicle in the press articles page on this web site.  Her dog Charlene lived to be 18 and all of her dogs were in films and adverts.  Sarah Jane delivered all the puppies herself, kept two of the Samoyed/Collie puppies and rescued a dog that was badly treated. Because Tony who is like a brother always has at least two dogs she has decided to wait and see if the man she marries wants any.


Limousine following appearance on Donehue show.  Whenever Sarah Jane visits the US a limo is provided to transport her around.  The Americans always take good care of her. Sarah Jane with a friend from an American chat show who also hasn't found Mr Right Sarah Jane and a very smart porter at a hotel in New York 
Celebrity interview for This Morning Sarah Jane and an American called John who she met on the Jenny Jones show who wanted to marry her.  She wanted to live in England. A recent photo of Sarah Jane winning a singing competition

I would also like to mention our Vets, Mr Simmonds at Garston Vets, Winkfield Road, Trowbridge and say thank you to him for his help with  previous dogs, Tony's present dogs, Lucky and Foxy and our neighbour's cat Meesha.

Sarah Jane is very proud of our royal family and all the good work they do both in the UK and overseas.  Her religion is Church of England.  She is open minded to many religions.  Good people do not necessarily go to church every week, although a lot of good people do.  It is wonderful to help good causes.  She believes we should all be aware we can't put ourselves into other peoples' circumstances.

She is very fond of all animals and owns a spaniel who is nearly three years old called Jessie who is adorable and has been in a BBC tv series called Down to Earth. Jessie has been insured by Sarah Jane with More Than Pet insurance since being a year old and Sarah is very pleased with the vets in Trowbridge called Garstons where she has taken Jessie for two years.

Portrait of Queen Victoria in her Coronation robes and wearing the State Diadem, by Franz Xavier Winterhalter
The Royal Collection 2001, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Someone Sarah admired - Camberley Kate and her many lovely rescued dogs.

Her doctors are the excellent Bradford Road, Trowbridge surgery.  Sarah Jane is a blood donor and hopes that more people will also do so.  Sarah Jane respects all of our local and national politicians and believes that all races should be kind to each other.

Her hobbies include hosting dinner parties, country pubs, travel, country walks, cinema, theatre, pantomimes, TV, helping good causes, dancing, singing and reading.  Some of her favourite TV shows are Jim Davidson's Generation Game, Trisha, Kilroy, BBC Watchdog, The Wright Show and Eastenders.  The Carry On film where Kenneth Williams and the Consultant both discover they are in love with the Matron is one of her favourite films.  Some of her favourite radio stations are Wiltshire Sound including the Dave Barret Show and GWR.  Some of her favourite films are The Thornbirds, The Earl of Greystoke, Cane and Abel,  and Forrest Gump.  Sarah Jane has always been a fan of Cliff Richard.

Kilroy Jim Davidson Donehue
Sarah and one of her best friends Antoinette last summer Sarah Jane's favourite Disney Classic


Sarah Jane lives more like a princess than a Cinderella, and believes that the Bible's warning to beware of inner filth puts things into perspective.  She is a non-smoker and was shocked to read recently how common sexual diseases are.  She says that it has been pretended many famous people are mad or bad out of jealousy.

She collects fine china, porcelain dolls and frogs as a collection for the garden plus unicorns, garden cherubs, ducks, lions and statues (no partridges in pear trees yet!).  Her nieces and nephews love to see them as well as ducks, owls etc. and it seems to help keep rats away. There are real herons, owls, kingfishers, badgers, deer, bats and rare butterflies nearby. Sarah Jane is very impressed with the collection of frogs owned by a former Chairman of the District Council which was displayed in his office.

Sarah Jane fundraising for a Childrens' charity Sarah Jane, aged 35 Sarah Jane diving, watched by Alan Chappel of Chappel Accountants, Westbury

Sarah Jane says: Many of us are going to move further away from the beautiful river and have made offers for completely detached properties because of the woman throwing bread everywhere (see slander) on the roofs, cars etc and we explained to the BBC radio we have countered her terrible deranged behaviour by building conservatories with vents not windows, concreting the roofs under the tiles and putting security lights round the back. A neighbour called Jane gave a good interview to the radio, and her neighbour as well about the disturbed neighbours. One neighbour said that although you can get bizarre behaviour from people who are jealous or strange everywhere they are astonished to see bread all over the cars!

Sarah Jane says: Delia Horgan is my best friend in the neighbourhood and she is also like a mother. She lived two doors away for years and was a legal secretary at one time and furious about the bread being thrown everywhere. She likes the area so she just moved over the road so she still calls round a couple of times a week and we feel safer knowing she and her son are nearby.

We do have a very good residents group with lots of nice people and the houses are in a nice area, in the heart of the countryside, and this has four bedrooms, a nice log fire and central to the town. However we are going to get a house with a swimming pool or where we can build one as we all love swimming. A couple shared the house for a few years then bought the house next door for a few years. Nice good friends Darren and Kay live a few houses along. There is a buyer that wants this house and we are all used to having more space and need a bigger office so we are looking at nice old properties with character but it may mean we have to move further from the town.

Some of Sarah Jane's aunts and cousins Sarah Jane (in the white shoes) on a school trip to France and Switzerland with her cousin Davina.

Sarah Jane loves architecture especially St Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and many old churches and cathedrals. She is a great fan of Dr. George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury.

One of Sarah Jane's favourite churches: The Parish Church of St Mary, Portchester in the Castle Grounds.  This was the church of The Reverend Ralph De Newbury

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