Sarah Jane's charity interests

SJ has helped support the St Peters Claver Missionary Sisters (Head Office Beckenham, Kent) for 25 years as they help the poor all around the world and she holds all people who defend the faith close to her heart, especially the Queen. Sarah Jane has always loved God and as a child thought of being another Saint like Mother Teresa then decided to love God and also look for a man to love eventually and have a natural life. Sarah Jane believes if you find an exceptional person who wants to lead a good future you should marry and help to make the world a better place together. Many good people are divorced or widowed and Sarah believes there are often faults on both sides and no-one is perfect. Everyone such as this deserves a second chance and she believes the church can respect some second marriages etc and she does not want to lead the life of a nun forever.

Sarah Jane sponsors a child in a poor country.


Mother Theresa now


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Sarah Jane has helped the Blind Association, Oxfam, Cancer Research, Help the Aged, the Heart Foundation, the Disabled and the RSPCA for many years. She often helps the disabled and does not believe they have done anything bad in previous lives and believes they deserve great respect and love.

Sarah Jane has known the Reverend Melvin Banks since 1976. He was a captain in the Salvation Army. Sarah and Tony are asked to appear at hundreds of churches in England, Scotland and Wales giving religious lectures and bible readings. Sarah Jane attended Sunday school from the age of five and has been a Sunday school teacher to tiny children. Sarah and Tony Durant who is like a brother have supported Reverend Melvin Banks and the Indian Orphanages for many years and also the funding of Bibles all around the world including China. Melvin Banks Missions are very important and he is a very nice man of God. He has a wonderful personality and sense of humour.

We are all praying our royal family will soon be happy again and that all our monarchs will set the good example of our Queen Mother and Queen so they will never be brought down by shaming their good name. We pray also Prince Philip may live a long life to be by the side of our lovely Queen and that Prince Charles will find a good woman like his beloved grandmother and mother and uphold the sanctity of marriage to guide him along righteously according to gods plan and to fill the lonely and emotional vulnerability side of a single man for the many future years on earth and then eternity would follow. The good lord may have wonderful things in store for those who follow the wisdom of the church and demonstrate worthy obedience and unselfishness to them and the people as is rightly expected of those not abdicating to branch away and let others do things faithfully like the previous King, Queen and our Queen now. Amen