Sarah Jane's Ex-boyfriends 

These are all of Sarah's ex boyfriends.  She is extremely fond of them all and delighted Jim and Charles look happy.

Christopher Lewis who lived at Orchard Road Westbury. Sarah Jane met Christopher when she was 13 and went out with him until she left Westbury to live in Windsor. She met him as her grandfather was captain of Westbury Cricket Club and he was one of his young sportsmen. They were extremely fond of each other but too young to settle down. He has never slandered her.

Christopher Paine from Melksham who owns an abattoir. Sarah Jane met him through a friend she went to prep school with. They were very fond of each other but were too young to settle down. He never slandered her.

Alan Chappel an Accountant from Westbury. Sarah Jane went out with Alan who she had known since being a child for a little while when she came home from London to work for a building society. They were too young to settle down but extremely fond of each other. She then returned to London for a while and has always remained good friends with Alan who is also a friend of her family. He never slandered her.

Lionel Hawkes from Winkfield Row, Berkshire. Sarah Jane met him at Windsor Safari Park which his family owned. Her friend who moved to Windsor with her went out with his cousin Jean Pierre. Sarah went out with him again when she moved to London. Neither of them were ready to settle down at that time but were extremely fond of each other. He never slandered her.

Gary Smart.  As Lionel and Sarah sometimes stopped going out with each other for a while if a woman offered him all the things on a plate he and Sarah didn't do (Sarah only kissed and cuddled him like her other boyfriends) Sarah went out with Gary sometimes. He is a very nice chap and understood she didn't know what to do as she liked both him and Lionel. Its true you can be very fond of two people. Gary visited her at Westbury a few years after she left Windsor and Sarah will always wish him and his cousin Lionel well. She was very fond of them both. In fact both Lionel and Gary told Sarah its nice she is saving her virginity for marriage. Their family are decent people.

Richard Perkins, Manager of his father's newsagents from Trowbridge. They were very fond of each other but were too young to settle down. He has never slandered her.

Sean Cannon. Sarah Jane met Sean who lived at Dilton Marsh when she worked for a bank and he was a bank executive. They were very fond of each other but at the time she owned a St Bernard and a Samoyed dog and he owned a cat. Sarah was worried they would fight and so she did not marry him. He has never slandered her.

Sean Cannon

Anthony Jay. Sarah met him at a dance many years ago and went out with him for a long time. He is a radar controller for the Ministry of Defence. They were extremely fond of each other and we discussed marriage many times but he was not keen on having more children. He has never slandered her and Sarah is still good friends with him and now goes out to dinner with him and the person she was pleased for him to marry.

This is a photo of Anthony Jay

People Sarah Jane was fond of but never agreed to go out with

Sarah Jane was very fond of Paul Clark who she worked for years ago. They spoke on the phone for a while after and he sent her a card with kisses from America but never kissed.

Sarah Jane was very fond of Martin Taylor, Paul Hopkins and Jay Langley at Brann in Bristol. They all cancelled each other out. None of them were boyfriends or kissed.

Sarah Jane was very fond of Victor Riorden at BT in Bristol. She never kissed him. There was a lot of jealous women and men and a woman who liked Victor ended the temporary contract as soon as Victor left and she took over. There had been anonymous notes left in her folder telling her to leave or get fired for quite a while.  She worked there nearly a year, so it was a lot more than the 3 months contract originally agreed to.

Sarah Jane was very fond of a man called Andrew in Trowbridge. She never kissed him.

John, an accountant from Surrey

Some admirers

John Keating - An Accountant from Surrey. Sarah Jane was not ready to get married at 21 and was studying and busy with world travel. (photo to follow).  John Keating is now married.

Mike Cloud - A successful tv illustrator and male virgin from America. This is a nice keen man from the Jenny Jones Show but Sarah does not want to move to America although she loves travelling there.  Sarah wishes him well (photo to follow).

Tim Henegan White - A Company Director.  Tim and Sarah were very keen and went out with each other for a while. His job meant a lot of travel so Sarah was not sure enough.

Sarah Jane with an Admirer called Mike she met filming the Jenny Jones show in America. Sarah told him she wanted to be just good friends. He told millions he would like to marry Sarah. He is a nice chap who works for American TV in Santa Monica. Sarah hopes he has now married a nice person.

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