Sarah Jane's Family

Sarah Jane will be publishing her family tree on this website soon and would like to hear from distant relatives.

Sarah's mother and two of Sarah's nephews
Sarah Jane as a baby.

Sarah Jane's parents were married at Church of England Bratton Church with two sets of grand parents.  One grandfather was an accountant and involved with hospital management at St. John's Hospital, Trowbridge.  The other grandfather was a farmer at Southwick, then moved to Grenadier House, Dilton Marsh and had his own building business and smallholding.

Sarah Jane has an aristocratic grandmother who was one of five and went to Bedford School.  She is nearly 90, still in good health and doing crosswords, and she is presently president of a branch of the British legion and was their County Chairman.  While Sarah attended prep school her grandmother (Mrs. Smallwood, her father was William Ingersoll) took her to see family vaults in churches near Barnwell Castle, Oundle, Northamptonshire.  The records date back hundreds of years and show gentry ancestors.  Sarah has always believed they are in heaven and that death is not the end.  Sarah Jane's grandmother has an affinity for dragons so this lovely welsh dragon is for her.

Sarah Jane has Judges in the family and a lot of them in her ancestry.

Sarah Jane and teddy as a toddler
Little Sarah Jane Newbury Sarah Jane and her brother at a Church of England private pre-prep school, Norton St Philip

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Her grandmother's maiden name was Inkersole and her grandfather was Eric Geoffrey Smallwood.  The Smallwood family include some solicitors and many nice and brilliant people.  The great grandmother on her mother's side was a Summerfield.  Another family name is Stevens. On her father's side the great grandmother was a Mabel Beatrice Francis and she married a Turner and a Romley.  Sarah is particularly pleased that all of the members of all sides of her family care about people less fortunate than themselves.  

Sarah Jane's father was one of 12 children and went on  to be a p.t. instructor in the Army and then became a businessman having several antique shops and a smallholding.  He now spends a lot of time helping the heart foundation and fishing on his trout lake.  Sarah Jane's father shot clay pigeons and won many competitions and his eyesight is still good. He hunted as he lost a lot of farming stock to foxes. He also spent time shooting grouse in Scotland. He was a member of the Avon Vale Hunt for some years and Sarah's favourite horse of her fathers was called Rollo. Dad bought one of his horses from a teacher at Dauntsey's school.  His groom was called Rita and was very fond of horses. Sarah was given a Shetland pony when a small child then a pony she called Honey when she was 10. She had a cat called Cleopatra and fed a wild cat called Elsa. Sarah looked after an injured fox for three months before it was released into the wild. Her father helped her look after it and said they deserved a sporting chance and not to be left injured on the side of the road suffering. Her grandparents had two spaniels called Shandy and Sugar and were adorable. Her grandmother loves cats as well and is always rescuing one. Her aunt always has boxer dogs and Sarah Jane believes beauty is the eye of the beholder and loves them as well. Her father has always had spaniels and now has lovely Labradors, Persian cats and ordinary cats. All the family love horses, cats and dogs.

Sarah Jane and her sisters when they were confirmed

Sarah Jane does not get involved in debates about such subjects as hunting as she can see both sides. She is no longer a vegetarian but respects people's differing views on all these subjects. She believes most members of the upper class are brought up at prep schools like hers that manners maketh man, and that inner cleanliness and manners make ladies and she respects all classes and individuals on their own merit.  She has got a gardener and a cleaning lady of many years and they are treated like part of the family.

Aunt Sylvia, Grandmother Newbury and Cousin Tammy This is Sarah's cousin Tammy's daughter Chantelle. Sarah Jane loves her and believes Chantelle would make a nice nurse one day. Her cousin Tammy works for Sarah's cousin Debbie's computer company. Good luck to Debbie with the baby news (all family photos will be treated equally and featured if wished).This flag is for you Chantelle and all your nice Jamaican family. God bless

Her mother studied local government law, has painted many brilliant oil pictures and has written a lot of nice poetry.  Her mother has one sister, a retired nurse, who is a very kind lady.

Sarah Jane spent half her time with her father and looked after her half brother and sister several nights a week. She was happy doing this, has always loved them, and they often all went out together at weekends. Her father has got a beautiful house and garden and all the family have. They are all nice clean, honest and hardworking people that take a great pride in everything. When Sarah's parents were married she had a nice nanny and they also had a nice nanny during the day while Sarah was at school and college. Sarah always liked to visit her nice aunt Adelaide, Sandra, Sylvia Gloria, and Geraldine, amongst many others. They are a very close family. Sarah was with her grandparents in Westbury the other half the time. In the early days both parents wanted custody but this arrangement was decided to be best. Sarah was very happy with the arrangements, is well adjusted, and her mother and father stayed good friends. She got on well with her stepmother and rarely had any arguments with anyone and on these rare occasions like most families things were always talked through and sorted out and back to being good friends again. She also accepted her step father. Sarah's grandmother says she has never had any arguments with Sarah. Tony Durant's uncle George however said Tony and his father would argue about anything including the colour of the sky !!! yet seem to be happy to so !!! Her father says she is a very thoughtful daughter. When Sarah's grandfather of 88 on her father's side was needing to walk with a walking frame she took it in turns with her aunts visiting him every week. Her aunt Amanda and she gave him a hug after he died and noticed how beautiful and peaceful he looked. He was delighted when he won a sun flower competition, and a lot of the family were on the television news and in a magazine singing to it as he said that was one of the reasons he won !!!. Sarah said we don't know whether it grew so tall to get away from us singing !! or whether it did help it to grow. They certainly all helped by watering it.

Sarah Jane's Cousin and her sweet children Rebecca and James Rebecca and James
Sarah Jane's Cousins Sarah & Samantha when her cousin married Andy Curry. The Currys are a wonderful family. Sarah Jane's cousin Samantha's daughter

Sarah visited her mother with her grandfather, the health service Accountant, but was afraid of a man that hit her mother because of a drink problem he developed at that time and her mother was told to visit at the grandmother's. He seemed ok when they all often visited her at her grandmother's with her three sisters from her second marriage and wasn't all bad. Her mother got him professional help, he kicked the habit and that relationship lasted quite a few years. He then had a heart attack. Then her mother became friends with someone else for a year who said he was a born again Christian before finding George who was a very nice widow. Sarah Jane has many good friends whose religions are Church of England like her, catholic, Hindu, Buddhists, Mormons, born again Christians, Muslims, and many others. She treats all religions and people with respect and always listens to what they have to say without criticising them as she likes to be open minded and diplomatic.  Sarah Jane is keeping her web entirely non political, has friends in all parties and also who are Independents.  Her mother said she would never get involved with a man that was not good to her family and was delighted when she found George and intended marrying him, always believing in marriage, but decided not to when she was told she had got Parkinson's. George never gave her mother up and still visits her now even though her brain has completely crumbled, she cannot speak or walk and sleeps most of the time. Her mother had a head injury at 11 that knocked her senseless and she could not speak for weeks. She had recovered, spoke well again, passed law exams and was a brilliant portrait painter. (Sarah will put photos of some of these on the net.) Lots of nice people get Parkinson's and there may be a cure soon. Her sisters are all in happy relationships with a man and got beautiful children. One of them says she couldn't find Mr Right for a while and then was lucky enough to be in the right place and met someone ready to settle down and lead a good life.

Sarah's mother never bothered with drink at all or smoking. She always went to church and was Church of England religion. Her father never drank either and when he was a PT instructor in the army went to pubs and asked for a glass of milk. He does sometimes drink wine now. Sarah has seen a lot of friends' lives destroyed by drink and only drinks red and white wine and brandy in orange in moderation which she believes is good for you. She is loosing around two pounds a week on her diet and takes a very tiny aspirin a day to thin the blood and has now cut down on salt. Salt was one of her weaknesses at one time like chocolate seems to be for others. She has seen many people who thought they couldn't do it beat all these habits and loose lots of stones and keep it off. Her friend who is a fitness instructor and married to one put on 10 stone when she broke her leg as she comfort ate and was not burning it up and it took her two years to get back to 10 stone. Her friend said she would be a lot nicer to chubby people in future and not so cruel and judgemental.

Sarah Jane spent many happy years at 'Greystones', the family home Sarah lived at when she was a child with her parents Two lovely ladies.  Sarah's auntie Geraldene, a retired nurse, & her mama Sarah's grandmother ex chairman of the Royal British Legion on their six berth cabin cruiser, on the Thames, around 46 feet to hold their shopping!  I loved staying with them for holidays.

Sarah has a sister that is doing very well at art college and she looks forward to her wedding in the future and has bought a new hat with lots of feathers !!!. Other than her mother with Parkinson's all of her relatives are in excellent health luckily. They all did well at school, college, university etc and are hard working nice people. They are all also very good to their children and there are no problems. The family are all happy very well adjusted people and always helping others. None of Sarah's family have got a criminal record for anything and they have always been brought up to respect the Police.

Sarah Jane's niece Chelsea Rose Sarah and Christopher
Sarah Jane's nephew Corin Sarah and Christopher

Sarah Jane's mother's consultant said when her mother had a head injury the whole of the cortex of the brain was damaged which could explain her change of personality when she was older. This could be why she said she believed her boyfriend when he said a child of 12 must have an evil spirit because he did not want her to give evidence in court about him trying to persuade her to have sex with him. Some people think she was just too trusting. At this time there was a group who tried to brain wash them that all in the town that illnesses such as flu were of the devil and should be cast out. This group wanted 10% of everyone's income. If anyone said they disagreed with pensioners and the disabled etc giving them 10% so they gave up their jobs and lived on it they said they had an evil spirit because someone in their family went to the Spiritualist church at one time!! and that was witchcraft in their opinion. All of Sarah's family are church of England as far as she knows but she does not criticise other churches. Sarah thinks this loose ridiculous way of accusing people of having an evil spirit is bizarre, ignorant and wicked. Sarah Jane immediately reported what the child told her to the Police and believes in never ignoring children even if someone pretends it's them not the innocent child that is religious!!. It turned out the child was telling the truth, her mother ended the relationship immediately and the man moved out of the town. Her mother then met an extremely nice man called George 16 years ago who treated all of her family with respect.

The Consultant who x-rayed Sarah's mother's brain when she was 59 said she would not live long and her brain would completely crumble and diagnosed a rare form of Parkinson's. He said he noticed she had had a bad head injury from her medical notes. Some boxers get Parkinson's and hopefully in the future there may be a cure.

A recent photo of Sarah and her favourite cousin Dean.  She twisted her ankle, put on 3 stone and is on a very strict diet! Sarah Jane at a recent wedding with her sister Clare

My grandfather who was like a father said he wanted me to live with them like their own daughter after the divorce and told me he wanted to protect me from the possibility of not being safe with a step parent. My grandfather was a very good man and I am very glad I took his advice as I believe I would have got a lot more than slander away from his protection because subsequently a 12 year old relative told me mothers boyfriend was trying to molest her so I told the Police. She said she must be possessed with the devil!!! but subsequently other people said it was true. My grandfather always told me not only can females in the same family see each other as competition they can also be annoyed the innocent grandchildren can be in the way of them getting their "half" of the inheritance even when the innocent grandchildren's parental home is lost through divorce. This divorce is sometimes at the instigation of the grandparents for much lesser reasons than children being nearly molested by their mothers boyfriends and often being cruelly treated in other ways e.g. slander and sometimes even by aunts as in a case recently on tv. I know sometimes there are good reasons for divorce, but I believe in many cases the people are then out of the frying pan into the fire and the children can suffer far more.

Sarah's mother with Sarah's sister Zoe and Sarah's brother This is a spaniel from Wales Sarah Jane bought her grandmother for company.

Sarah Jane has a brother, a half brother and half sisters.  She has 10 aunts and one uncle.  They are all nice people.  Sarah is very proud that one of her uncles was a fire-fighter who had his own fire station in London. Her great Aunt Maud was one of the first women pilots and stuntwoman and double for Gloria Swanson.   Sarah Jane is good friends with her stepmother.  Sarah has four adorable nieces, four nephews and many nice cousins.

Tony who is like a brother says he hopes Sarah Jane, who is like a sister, will settle down with a chap soon.
Tony Durant - "Sarah Jane is like a sister and is an excellent secretary and legal adviser to me.  Please see my show business website now with GETSETup.NET at" Tony Durant - Britain's leading bird, animal & sound impressionist, as 'Superbird'!

Tony was in the royal artillery for many years, his father was a pilot and his mother was his show business manager until she died. Sarah took over the management from her. Tony also works for an excellent company called Northern Meat Foods as health and safety officer and co-ordinator. He is Britain's leading bird, animal and sound impressionist and also an ornithologist and zoologist.

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