Stories about friends

Sarah Jane is delighted she's got ancestors from Scotland and she loves visiting friends there.  Happily, no-one on any side of Sarah's family have ever committed suicide but Sarah is very sad four of her friends including one of her headmistresses and two neighbours have committed suicide. She hopes her friends and neighbours will always ask for help if they need it. She believes we should all try to live as long as possible, but does not interfere in peoples views about euthanasia for the terminally ill people who are suffering e.g. pain from cancer etc.  She personally respects both sides of the argument for and against in certain circumstances. She believes when we die we exist in the spiritual realms of which there are many levels depending on the life we have led here and go back to our prime of around 25.

Sarah Jane is very concerned that her friend and her husband are having problems. She was friends to them both but an ex girlfriend has been chasing him even though she is married. The other woman has had a lot of relationships and has caused her child to get asthma from her smoking and has caused the children of the marriage to be very upset. As a Christian Sarah Jane has turned the couple away when they turned up at her door wanting her to accept them as a couple. Sarah Jane hopes the husband and wife will manage to overcome their problems and that the children will not have to leave their home, school and for there to be the risk of them having bad step parents. Although there are very good step parents around the children have expressly said they want their mother to forgive and start again and are only 5 and 7. The wife said she just wants the other woman to leave them all alone and to stop dragging him into the mire and she will stand by him. The wife never messed around and believes in the sanctity of marriage. Sarah Jane hopes he will end the relationship with the other woman and that they will renew their wedding vows before it all ends in tragedy. She would never accept the other woman as his wife and does not believe God would either. Why should the other woman masquerade around in a white dress or fancy clothes when she could cause them all diseases, devastate the good first wife and children and clearly has no respect for goodness, self control, other peoples lives, setting an example, or the reputation of the man she is leading astray, his family or hers.

There are hundreds of people in my family and people I went to school with, I am proud of all of them, they are all honest, well respected hardworking people, and if 40 yrs ago someone forgot to return a library ticket or their friends bought a box of crisps they were told was bankrupt stock, or even got caught smoking in the bicycle sheds, what family or group of friends is 100 per cent perfect. However, Sarah Jane always tries to discourage all ages from smoking.  It's pathetic for people to gossip about minor faults of many years ago. I am extremely fond of everyone and only wish there was enough space to mention them all. I have never met any criminals. A friend asked me to mention she has only got 28 days in prison for thumping a man who shot her five year old son's dog dead for crossing a field. Although Sarah has never visited or known anyone in prison she is never not going to be friends with this couple and will visit. Her friend asked her to mention she will campaign for the law to be changed.  This friend now has faith in the law again as she has not had to go to prison and the man who shot her dog has apologised.

A Barrister that is still a virgin and appeared on a chat show saying she is looking for Mr Right said she then got a disturbed woman write 'Smelly Snob' on her wall as her ex boyfriend was obsessed with her and proposed to her. She was afraid as she got weird things in the post. She did not marry the man and he moved to Canada so the jealous woman did not get him either. She then met another man and will shortly be married.

Another friend stayed a virgin until she moved to America and got married because her jealous stepmother always told lies about her and was never wanting any money to be spent on her and certainly not the cost of a wedding. Her father and stepmother put two men she loved off her with lies and then she found a man in America she loved, they paid for the wedding themselves and now have a daughter and are very happy. The moral of the story is slander can be as cruel as violence but clear your name and don't give up.

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