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De Newburgh

Sarah Jane has thousands of relatives in America and believes President Bush is doing an excellent job. God Bless America.  Sarah Jane is delighted with the information links many eminent people have sent her to answer the questions she has made about her ancestry. She especially wishes to thank the Latter Day Saints for access to their wonderful world records going back to 1066 and further.

The translation is: royalty, dignity, courage and constancy, The translation is: high honourable bearing, constancy, sincerity, and peace.

There is another Newbury Coat of arms with strawberries and a truncheon! This denotes British aristocracy, authority, and also food for the gods.

Link to George Smallwood

Sarah Jane is very proud of Warwick Castle (click here for full history) and hopes everyone will go and see its wonders, especially St Mary's Church with the influence of one of the many De Newburgh Earls and subsequent Earls, Dukes and Lords and royalty along the line.  The name Newbury is genealogically linked to Warwick Castle, Lucy, and Lord de Brooke.  Variant spellings of the Newbury name all come from de Newburgh and there are many genealogically linked queens, kings, princesses, princes, counts countesses and dukes etc in the family tree.  The Castle in Normandy, France is also still doing well.  Sarah Jane loves all Castles.  Other interesting information can be found from the links below - it's clear many of us are related if you go back far enough so it's just as well it's only close relatives you can't marry!

Link to Lindores Abbey

Newburgh visits website

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Many of Sarah Jane's ancestors are from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and distantly France, Rome, Greece, Sweden, Spain, and Italy and there are subsequent family links in all the mentioned countries now. She also has links with other countries and is currently researching these and if there are family links in those countries now. She knows there are some in Alaska. She has got a relative that moved to Jamaica and teaches English and she thinks the Jamaicans are very nice people.

Sarah Jane loves Italian food and has a lot of their recipe books.  Sarah Jane loves Rome.  SJ  has relatives still in Sweden and loves to hear from them.  Sarah Jane feels a close affinity for Wales.

If you click here, then type the surname there are boxes for family history, coats of arms, genealogical castle, clans etc links.  Searching on Newbury and selecting 'castles' shows that the name is genealogically linked to Lucy, De Brooke and Warwick Castle.  I am very impressed with the history research and information this dictionary has.

Arundel Castle - Arundel Castle is owned by Miles Francis 16th Earl of Norfolk.

Beaudesert Castle - Warwickshire - Sarah's ancestor Henry De Newburgh gave Beaudesert Castle land to the great nephew Thursdan de Montford

Canterbury Castle was Granted to Hubert de Burgh in 1227.

Kenilworth Castle

Penrice Castle

Pennard Castle, Gower

A-Z of English and Welsh castles (D-G)

I am delighted to hear The Earls of Newburgh mentioned in Cinderella shown at Christmas with Richard Chamberlain.

Ingersoll family

The family genealogy starts with George Ingersoll.  There are various spellings of the name linked in and links to Scotland, Wales, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia, Alaska, France and other countries.  The Ingersoll Coat of Arms is on the Ingersoll Genealogy website which makes interesting reading (

Link to The Political Graveyard Index to Politicians Ingersoll


Summerfield family

The Summerfield Coat of arms is a dragon and stars.

The Summerfield family are descended from the Earl of Westmoreland, Brancepeth Castle, Durham. The Scottish coat of arms is blue with three golden eagles with a crest of two leopards. Our motto is Fear God In Life.

Stevens family

The Stevens family originated from Acton Reynold Hall, Shropshire. The coat of arms is blue and silver with two eagles. The motto is Virtutis Amore.

Others ancestors are the Wodehouses from Kimberley Hall.

Also the Earl of Portsmouth.

Francis family

The Francis family are descended from Viscount Midleton, Peper Harrow, Surrey. The coat of arms is silver with a red chevron, with three red eagles. The crest is a falcon. The motto is Ou le sort appelle.

Link to St Francis

Turner family

The Turner family is descended from Earl Nelson, Trafalgar House, Wiltshire and Baron Crossley, Somerleyton, Suffolk. The coat of arms is ermine, 3 fers de moline, a rampant lion holding a fer de moline.

The French coat of arms is black with a silver tower.


Sarah Jane's grandfather's mother on her mother's side was a Mathews. The ancestral home was Bishops Court, Kildare and the family are descended from the Earl of Clonmell.

The coat of arms is gold with a black lion rampant, the crest is a Moorcock on a mountain and the family crest is ' Y fyn Duw a Fydd ' The family originated in Wales.

Click here for Age of Arthur - This explains the special requirements of the monarchy and how special our Queen is