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This link  lists all the generations out showing how the variant spellings came about from the records listed. 

Newburynet - if you click on royal lineage and other royal cousins link you can see how many of us are inter-related to many countries which is nice and also see if you type in the Newburgh Earls how many of them helped churches etc.  then click on royal lineage and other royal cousins link.  Sarah Jane is delighted with the link on Newburynet to  By typing Newburgh Earls and scrolling down then going to the next page you will see it.

Tamworth-in-Arden link - given to Henry de Newburgh by William the Conqueror

Us Presidents descended from William the conqueror

Berkswell, Warwickshire - In the middle ages the Manor of Berkswell belonged to the Earls of Warwick. The park at Berkswell was granted by King Henry I to Henry de Newburgh Earl and remained in the family until around 1560 as is explained in the text.

Newburgh Line (Earls of Warwick)

Ancestors of Massey

Devonshire Wills

Descendents of Torf

Records of the Anglo-Norman House of Glanville from A.D. 1050 to 1880

Newberry News

Newbury Family Heritage

Charter of William de Newburgh

Count of Meulan (Roger de Beaumont) received 90 manors in Warwick, Leicester, WILTSHIRE and Northampton

Saints at a Glance - Dr. G. R. Jones

Family tree links (others follow)
William Prince Of England
William Prince Of England
William I 'The Conqueror' England, [Duke]
- there's some interesting history at the bottom of this page about this ancestor
Roger, Earl Of Warwick
Amice De Beaumont, Countess
Catherine De Beaumont (it's marvellous to see this ancestor lived to be 81, quite something in those days)
1140 Elizabeth Beaumont countess
1104 Robert Beaumont (Earl) father of 10 children
Walter FitzOtho De Windsor
Andrew Windsor 1467
Geraldus Windsor 1070
John Of Gaunt - There is a school in Trowbridge called John of Gaunt and the town was Castle Gaunt
Gilbert De Gaunt
Gilbert De Gaunt, [Earl]
Henry De Gaunt
Eudes I, Count Champagne
Geoffrey V (The_Handsome) Plantagenet, Count of Anjou - there is some interesting history at the bottom of this link.  Geoffrey V Plantagent, Duke of Normandy, Count of Anjou usually wore on his helmet a sprig of the broom and the French words for this (plante and genet) became the English name Plantagenet.  Sarah Jane is very fond of our royal family, especially Prince Charles, and this is also one of the many character ancestors of theirs she believes.

Daughter, Princess Of Scotland, Queen of Ireland (Sarah loves Scotland, Ireland and Wales and the people)
Beatrice De Vermandois, [Queen]
Beatrix De Vermandois (1)
Beatrix De Vermandois(2)
Isabel Elizabeth De Vermandois (its nice to see 13 children in the list in this link)
Hugo De Vermandois
Constance De Vermandois
Robert Count Of Vermandois_And_M
Catherine, Princess Of England
Geoffrey VI 'Mantell' Plantagenet, Count of Nantes (SJ is delighted to see many links to Scotland as she loves Scotland and the people)
Claricia, Princess Of Scotland
Foulques V 'le_jeune' Anjou, [King]
Waleran Count Of Meulan, [Earl]
Count Of Vexin Gautier_II
Philippe Countess Of Perche
Sporte De Bretagne
Richard I 'The_Fearless' Normandy, [Duke]
Raoul III 'The_Great' Valois
1036 Queen Ann Kiev
1050 Hugh the Great Crepe - it's nice to see there were 12 children
1020 count of Montford
824 Adelaide Princess of the Holy Roman Empire

0742 Charlemaine Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
Pepin 'The_Short' Franks - there is some interesting history at the bottom of this link

Patrick De Salisbury, [Earl]
Hawise De Salisbury
Sibilla (Sibyl) De Salisbury
William De Salisbury
Walter De Salisbury, [Cannon]
Ralph Grey, [Sir Knight]
Marie Abbess Of Shaftesbury
Cecilia Princess Of England

David I, 'The_Saint' Scotland

Matilda (Maud) Princess England, Empress
Henry Prince Of England

Vladislav II Poland, [King of]
Sanchia Castile, Queen of Aragon

Constanzia, Princess Of Aragon, Queen Of Hungary

Roger De Montgomery, Earl of Arundel

Phillip Montgomery

Louis I 'The_Pious' Holy_Roman_Empire

Bertha, Princess Of Holy_Roman_Empire

Charlemagne, Emperor Of Holy_Roman_Empire, [King of the Fra

Ingrid, Princess Of Sweden

Maude De Montgomery
William De Cantilupe
William II De Warenne_(Warren), [Earl of Surrey]
Alice Jane Canterbury
Miles Windsor
Ralph De Waiet, Earl of Norfolk
Henry III King England
William Marshall, [Earl]  - its nice to see there were 11 children.
Maud 'Matilda' Marshall, Countess
Hugh Le Bigod, Earl of Norfolk


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