Thanks to all the kind people who donate to our team when out collecting at stores for This job is very rewarding and gets many animals loving homes. We collect thousands of pounds and thousands of pounds worth of pet food. We see many nuns out collecting, god bless them and all the other registered collectors, many of whom are members of the legal profession who got me involved many years ago. I do also help human charities and have paid many direct debits for many years including to Voluntary Service Oversees and Macmillan Cancer. More about charity work and the Angels Group soon.

Sarah Jane has been busy helping look after a 97 year old grandmother (the reason she doesnt want to maybe live in America or London yet) and will be doing a lot more on this website soon, especially featuring the work and members of the Angels Group. She thanks the many people recently sending their support and offering work overseas. She has no time at the moment to have a boyfriend, and is on a very strict diet !!!, Sorry.

Life is full of genuine minsunderstandings, so thats understood and another reason why this website is putting things straight. Sarah has asked me to say she realises many nice people misunderstand things including herself sometimes.

She says she wishes a show would rig up a lie detector !!! to put mad/bad people in their place as she is fed up of people who deliberately write rubbish, especially as someone really did say they killed her cat, Emily, when it went missing years ago. That was witnessed by our nice friend like a brother Tony Durant who knows the man saying it has had mental problems and has been sacked from a job for being mad. The man who said he killed the cat, for spite, was in trouble for exploiting foreign workers and tried to pretend that was false accusations and madness but he was found guilty of terrible exploitation and he has established himself as the liar. When a nice man called Paul Gunning tried to warn the foreign people, the man pretended the person warning them Paul was mad, but they soon found out he says that about everyone who annoys him. At least the mad man seems to have stopped all his talk of killing the cat and gone quiet and away. We think the cat was in fact stolen. We realise all this is best forgotton and try to understand some people are not right in the head sometimes as stated by the man's cousin Dorothy and his brother in law Fred.

Thankyou, Katya (friend and temporary Secretary)

Please pray for two of her best friends like sisters Sylke Syme from Warminster and Tara from Trowbridge who are not well.

As Sarah Jane is with her grandmother, Tony Durant has said he is happy to explain about the man who said he killed the cat to anyone to stop the speculation. He can be spoken to at 01225 765038. He did report it to the police years ago as it was malicious but no harm has come to any other cat or dog, so it was probably just a wind up following signs saying the cat was missing.

My love to our Queen Mum who was an angel on earth and will be in eternity. Prince Charles wonderful tribute to her will stay in our hearts and minds forever.

I believe our Queen mother is now reunited with her darling husband in the promised land where they are side by side again and this music is for them as a tribute to their marriage. To thank the Queen Mother I believe she would want us to support her beloved daughter and beloved grandson and for us to live a life of example and kindness.

This music 'I know I will never find another you' is what I think the Queen mother's beloved husband would play to her and now they are re-united again and are a good happy couple again in the promised land of heaven side by side.

We are very actively involved in the Tsunami earthquake appeal and will be making a new page for the appeal soon


Sarah Jane would like a world where everyone loves and prays for the whole world and defends the faith and believes God the creator is heartbroken at evil in the world when everyone should love each other like brothers and sisters in all countries and are all his children. She believes that whatever evil is around he will always be with her and even when she has not gone to church every week she has always prayed for the world and stayed joined to the wonderful link of the holy spirit.

Sarah Jane as a baby.


Please see Tony's web site at

Sarah Jane's puppy Sheba on youtube 

Melvin Banks is an excellent Reverend and his web site is at

Sarah Jane does a lot of work for the Reverend Banks and manages his web site. He has been a great friend for many years and is one of Sarah's best friends.

Sarah Jane's sister's web site is and she is top of the class at Trowbridge College of 90 other excellent art students. She is a very nice, brilliant, reliable lady.

This charity the National Animal Welfare Trust is very close to Sarah Jane's heart and helps many dogs, cats, horses, donkeys and other needy animals.

Sarah Jane meets thousands of nice people every month in connection with her work for them and also gets on very well with all the other nice kind helpers.

This is a very interesting web site and Professor Sykes, Doctor David Ashworth and their brilliant team can analyse any humans DNA if you contact them and reveal fascinating things about peoples individual ancestors and lineages. Please see the correspondence on the opinions page. - Descendants of Bernard "TheDane" De Harcourt

This link shows how our family evolved from all of the de Harcourts and lists all the generations out showing how the variant spellings came about from the records listed. 



Sarah Jane diving, watched by Alan Chappel of Chappel Accountants, Westbury

Sarah Jane Newbury is Britain's most famous virgin.  She regularly appears in newspapers and magazines, including the National Enquirer.  You can read some examples by selecting 'press coverage'.  She has also featured on chat shows all over the world, and has been flown to America to appear on shows including Phil Donehue and Jenny Jones.  For more information select 'about her' or 'her family'.

Sarah Jane and Nicole, who is American, in America filming an American tv  documentary. The thousands of Americans Sarah meets are nice people and always feel like a family country. Sarah Jane was very impressed with the speech President Bush made this week about the need to root out terrorists so that things will be better for all countries and people including their own people who are bullied and tortured. She believes he is handling a very complicated situation well. She also believes Prince Charles and the Queen are right to respect the good Muslims and all people in our country and all countries and knows some Muslims who are also happy living in America.

There have been slander and misunderstandings regarding the fact that Sarah Jane is virgo intacta (select 'slander' for more info), and so the letter above has been included to prove her status.  Choose 'virgin proof' or 'references' for other important letters .  Sarah Jane wishes to thank the world media for their help in countering the ridiculous rumours circulating previous to the letter's publication.

Sarah Jane doing her third television show in America at the Marriott or Hilton with another guest on the show Nicole. Nicole is also still a Christian virgin like Sarah and Nicole said everywhere she works there's always a jealous person slandering and bullying her. Nicole says she is happier now the television have helped her clear her name. Sarah Jane, aged 35
Victorian style nightdress, with thanks to Fenwicks of Bond Street.

Sarah Jane generally models suits and dresses, and has turned down many lucrative offers to model topless.  Sarah Jane is asked to model these things often as she is a virgin and a celebrity. She is not very tall, and is rather doll like in appearance.

Please have a look through this website by selecting the options above.  If you wish to send an e-mail to Sarah Jane then please click here.

Sarah Jane at the seaside Sarah Jane, January 2003

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