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My Poem to the Queen Mum

Our darling Queen Mother was born the 9th beautiful baby of a charming brave family
Always staying sweet and fresh and retaining an adorable child like quality

A sparkling feminine little girl, long dark hair like a fine porcelain doll and large deep eyes
Growing up to be asked to marry the nice sensible Prince was no surprise

Petite curvy beautiful and fresh she eventually agreed to become a bride as lovely as any ever seen
As a faithful servant of the church, the people and her husband this national treasure became a worthy queen

Always complying with morality, sensible health, kindness and the sanctity of marriage
Our Queen Mother deserved her fairy tale life and to wave nicely from a golden carriage

She showed making the effort of wearing colourful pretty clothes, lipstick, feathers and lace
Makes many people cheerful with an enhanced confidence and is a sign of individuality, art and femininity and no disgrace

This angel a good clean channel of the holy spirit always made people feel cared about, equal and a friend
She never became cruel, or selfish on earth to the very end

She always tried to understand and make people laugh not cry
But she always advised and kept the example of the church and will never die

I dreamt about her a week after she died and I have no doubt she will watch over us on earth with love
I am so delighted she is now back to her prime of life and again side by side with her adored husband above

To thank this tiny angel who always stood by the people and helped especially during the tragic times and dangers of war
Please support her sensible good daughter and subsequent monarchs who by following their unselfish example will show their love for her, god and us more

Please bind any dangers, bad influences and ungodly types from destroying the reputation of the extremely nice and emotionally vulnerable royal family heirs by dragging them down
As not only can they loose their health, eternity in heaven but could destroy and bring to an end forever the whole royal family holding a crown

I heard many speculating about possible future Kings and Queens saying singing in church, saying words, wearing smart clothes and diamonds is not enough
As people today expect privilege to be earned by individuals and for a King or Queen to be defender of the faith they must be like our Queen as well as kind of strong unselfish moral stuff

To those people I say if the Queen, the Holy Spirit and the Churches good advice is followed a hundred percent as it must be
The next heir can be a loved popular King accepted by god and the millions and make those in heaven and earth happy

With all my love to our Royal Family and all the people on earth and in heaven,

Sarah Jane Newbury


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