Opinions of Nice People 

Dear Miss Newbury,

I think you are simply brilliant. I am also waiting till marriage (however, I'm only 14: for me, it's not legal yet) due to religious and moral views. I agree with your opinions on how most women give in to social pressures rather than waiting for the right person, and it's people like you who prove there's nothing wrong with being a virgin over a certain age. You are a living example that not all virgins are ugly, frigid or lesbians. I read your interview in Bella and you sound really brave after what you have had to put up with (all the abuse, and someone eating your cat: as stated on your web site.) You were right to silence these gossips by going to the doctor and who's laughing now? You, that's who.


Yours, Louise    chastyler@prysma.es

Dear Tony and Sarah

Thank you for putting us on your website. I have not got your address. Please send to Chippenham, 44 Monks Way, Chippenham, Wilts, SN15 3TT. Do not e-mail it as e-mail is in London.

Do not forget I am relying on you to come for a day on Easter 30th March at 3:00pm & 8:00pm at Cavell House, Elthon Road, by pier, seafront, Clevedon. And/or Easter Monday, 1st April at 11:00 am & 2:15pm. I need your help and want you to 'perform' for God's glory. Many thanks

Yours truly,

Rev. Melvin Banks

Dear Sarah:

Thank you for writing me. I got to read your website and really appreciated the links to the castles and other info regarding our mutual ancestors. You are really lucky to be able to live where all that history began and to have the luxury of going to see the buildings, graveyards, chapels, homes, libraries, etc right there at your fingertips. I do envy you.

June Shaputis

Hi Sarah,

Jayne here, Iris and Brian's daughter from Dilton.. I have just been looking at your website, it's very interesting.

Hope you are keeping well.

Just emailed you to say Hi, take care



I read about you in a magazine. As a professional economist it seems to me that you have made a rational choice which can be readily justified and should not be ridiculed. I have just published a statistical analysis in an academic journal (Journal of Evolutionary Economics) which assesses which factors are statistically linked with virginity maintenance. Recently I also did a book with a colleague (playing the love market on free association books)

which is described at


This considers strategies for partner selection in comparative and historical perspective and contains some analysis of virginity.


Dr. Sam Cameron
Reader in Economics
University of Bradford

Hi Sarah,

The website is very good, did you get the picture that I sent you with the last email? I will send you the one of you at the fair ground soon.

Regards Tony & Jen (Tony Jay)

Dear Sarah Jane,

Very interesting website! I realize now that I couldn't see your website address before because of the blue background was the same colour as the link text. However, I couldn't find the Ingersoll listings. Please send me a link to that page or let me know where to look.



Dear Sarah Jane,

I was much entertained by your web-site. I have been slowly progressing on the NEWBERRY research, but I must admit my web-sites are quite dull compared to yours. I must really brighten them up. I shall use you as my source of information, definitely. Please keep in touch.

In the meantime, you are welcome to visit my latest web-site at TribalPages: www.tribalpages.com/tribes/newberry.  You are also welcome to visit my own personal web-pages that I just started renovating and updating: www.geocities.com/terras56

Warm regards,
Astrid Terras Newstead

Hi Sarah,

took a look at your web it was very interesting so keep up the good work and we will keep looking in

aunty addy and cousin tracy

Thank you for thinking about the terrible time that the American public is going through. Just keep us in your heart and in your thoughts.

American Red Cross Disaster Fund

Hi Sarah

Glad to see your web site is attracting great interest.
It sounds as though it is time I wrote a piece for the Chronicle about it.  It must be quite unique and so informative about the talent family Newbury.

good wishes, Roderick

Dear Sarah,

How are you, what a surprise when I hit your site: I cannot believe what I saw before my very own eyes.

It is wonderful and what some great info on all the family and of course yourself and Tony. Than you for adding me to the gallery that was a lovely picture and wish I still was as slim as that then.

Well I hope you are well please come and visit soon,

lots of love and kisses, Tammy

Your website is remarkable!

Lawrence Kestenbaum
The Political Graveyard

Dear Sarah,

Reference to the page entitled Earls of Warwick v Kings/Queens, the content is no more than two the Earl of Warwick was at the time of the King or Queen was reigning, that's all. I may think about heading it differently.
Took a quick look at your site. quite good.


Dear Sarah Jane

I am so happy that you are still setting such a good example and giving others the confidence to stay virgins until they find someone ready to settle down.

You must be a princess of God and its lovely to see you are treated like a little princess being flown around the world and being looked after in their best hotels. I have seen you on English television dozens of times and have seen how the nice people in the audience love you. I am very pleased my daughter of eighteen has listened to serious intelligent kind people like you. The Bible says blessed are those who are persecuted and slandered in my name. Decent people have always had those that slander them throughout history. She said like you the world is all one team and we must all be unselfish and do nothing to cause disease, upset and suicides to others. You were wonderful on the Trisha show and I have recorded it to show my new daughter when she is a little older.

Yours respectfully

Elizabeth Churchill

sarahjane.newbury" wrote: 
Dear Hans > > I think your web is brilliant. You have done a lot of work. 
What do you think of my web www.sarahjanenewbury.com
Great site.
Are you and I related ?

Hans A.M. Weebers

Ancestors, family history and -tales
Genealogy of the presidents of the USA
Genealogy of the B(u)onaparte family
The best genealogical software you can get

Dear Jane,

It's Rutherford Birchard Hayes who has Thomas Newburgh and subsequent Newberry's in his genealogy.   It takes to much time for me to go through all your pages.  Send me a gedcom with your ancestors and I will have a look to which presidents you are related.   You might also be related to English prime ministers



I went to your Web Site. IT'S GREAT! Your great too! > Your the first "famous" person that's written me. But your not the first to write and ask how to add music to a Web Page. I've even written a page about it. The  page is ..of course located at  http://geocities.com/davelanthorn/music.html



Hi Sarah

Thanks for your email, Tony's sight is real groovy - like the animals etc and music!

Hope you are well.



Dear Sarah Jane

I am very proud you are my client.

Best Wishes

Neil Hutton


Dear Miss Newbury (you have not given me permission to call you Sarah Jane),

Thank you for replying. Thanks to the wonders of Spanish satellite TV we are able to see the funeral from here. The Queen Mother was an example to us all. We are all very sad, especially at my school, which is named Lady Elizabeth's after her-she was the patron. I hope you are well and had a lovely Easter.

Best wishes,


Dear Miss Newbury,

A quick note to congratulate you on the updated design of your web site, which looks lovely, and also to wish you luck with writing your book.

Yours, Louise  chastyler@prysma.es



Dear Miss Newbury

I am a lawyer from America who was referred to your web site by someone at the Whitehouse you contacted and are related to. I want to thank you as I have learnt about my ancestry from the expert genealogists trees and records you have documented and found I am descended from royalty and American presidents. This has changed my life. I am from an upper middle class family and both my parents are Doctors. It is wonderful to know we have stemmed from greatness and like you think all good people are equal. No good people are just common or lesser human beings and your explanation that you think this term just derived from meaning a lot of people helps clarify it. It should be rephrased the people or other members of the human race. A clergyman called the Queen's Mother "sister" and she herself did not look down on others or she would have had no popularity and she never did anything immoral or cruel so she deserved her position. We also have four corgis, two in each household.

We have like yourself distant relatives all around the world and will be happy to explain no-one in England thinks people without a title are lesser people if they are good people. The Queen's shining example is loved and respected by us Americans. Its through misunderstandings or them not living by the same morals as the poor and helping them that hatred grows and that is a dangerous thing and why some royal families are no more.

Your grandfather Smallwood looks like my great uncle and one of your Newbury ancestors has a look of one of my third cousins. What a small world it is and what a large interrelated lot we are.

God bless the Queen mother who like yourself is the same height as me and one of our mutual ancestors through Scottish royalty and the Lyons. In fact when we toured Scotland we felt something very strong and are so delighted you have helped us find our roots. I always felt she was an older version of myself and never knew why. We can now feel part of things when we visit castles in England and read about the history of American presidents. Our countries are very close and I hope we can achieve many kind and great things to help the world in future as in the past. You are my seventh cousin and have the same dress sense, looks and humour as me and philosophy as my father George and I. Genetics are a fascinating clever thing.

You are welcome to stay with us now we know you love dogs and are a non smoker. Welcome to our family. We have checked your references and you are always welcome to work in my office. I do not tolerate wickedness so you would be happy here.

Yours faithfully

Jane Elizabeth Lyons


I Have looked at your web site and its really nice and the music is cool.

When we were both temps in an office there were just misunderstandings. I know you are not mental. You are the least mental person we have ever met or are ever likely to meet again. Another woman said to me you were mental as you said you were being flown to America and thought it was unlikely and were expecting us to believe fantasy. But it wasn't fantasy and you aren't mental. It was her that was jealous and non believing. No-one ever asked to interview her and she is a traffic warden now I think as she was sacked for being late after two weeks. She was cynical as she thinks everyone is bad like her and I just didn't know you were telling the truth. I am not wicked. I am very sorry and hope you find a nice man. Please don't name me in your book as I didn't realise then it was slander and I apologised to you at the time. I am now working in a factory as its well paid, and only did that job on the phones where you were a temporary secretary for a few weeks until I found a permanent job. Your friend Davina, our Manager, said you would not publish my name if I explain I have children now and hope you will forgive those misunderstandings of years ago. I cant afford trouble. I have been slandered myself by a neighbour's husband I rejected and was accused of going out with three men and two timing them all and I am just friends with them. I told his wife and he said I was a crazy woman and he said two of his nanny's were mentally disturbed as they wouldn't have an affair. He then got a tart nanny whose cigarette nearly burnt their house down that had a boyfriend who did a robbery and went to prison then she got pregnant with him and his wife lost her house and married and a drunkard and the tart nanny then married him and tries to .look down on everyone with her riches, has cigarettes hanging out of her mouth when she drives the Porsche and is pregnant and calls them the ones that wear too much makeup. I understand how bad people made the good ones out to be the mental ones so I know you will help a lot of people by making this point on the net. One of previous nannies now looks after my children. I was furious her husband called me crazy and my nanny mentally disturbed as we both knew the children wanted their home and the mother and father together, and no-one likes slander. His wife now lives in a council flat and the second hand nanny he married tries to look down on the wife for buying second hand clothes which is why the wife calls her a second hand gangsters moll. Its the wife that is a lady and she said if she doesn't find a nice man soon she will expose all their lies in a web site herself so lots of people are naming and shaming the wicked ones. I hear its good to get it out of the system and not bottle it up. If you print the traffic wardens name which I can understand as she is wicked please don't involve me as she is power mad now and called me a factory pleb and was very spiteful at school and keeps all her cigarette ends to throw on her neighbours path as some of your crazy neighbours were doing. Arrogant people are sick and its bizarre she is a traffic warden now as she slashed someone's parents tyres who got her kicked out of Trowbridge college for bullying and its her not me with a chip on her shoulder. You wouldn't want any children to suffer I know so please keep me out of the book. Thank you for not printing it on the web. Teresa who called trouble at a ten per cent church gave her two baby twins to social services because she said babies are all smelly yet she is shallow as we all know then said they were stolen by social services, she was always trouble. Her drugs made her evil not those who said disabled shouldn't give them 10 per cent. When she did a strip in a pub and spread disease whilst going to his meetings the phoney pastor wasn't bothered as he gave up his job years ago and lives in luxury off their money. A lot of people have left them. Teresa now has married a man who left his wife and little girls and now has got what she wants. Mike Curtis who lives near Stallards pub saw through them years ago. The phoney pastor has just had a colostomy after saying all cancer was demons and that may humble him but he may say its because his huge house their money has bought him means they cant afford him enough fruit and veg as well so they should have paid him 20 per cent whilst they the disabled and elderly are victims of extortion and living in council houses and low money. You are a nice person, and your references are brilliant, so you have survived all the misunderstandings and lies. Teresa Wozniak at number 11 says you are a good neighbour and are an angel. The world would be a better place for more Sarah Jane Newburys.

Melvin, Tony and you are brilliant in churches. I am delighted you go to so many churches in Wales and people can see what good people are. Without good people it would be a very sad world. When Diana died the world was devastated and still is. The Queen is a good example like her mother was which is why millions supported them and why the Queen must not abdicate until she is 101 as the people are used to a good woman now. The only thing that can make millions happy and save the royal family will be if Charles and William both marry good women examples like them and I hope they will meet them in the future and all will be well. There are nice women in Scotland where they spend so much time who should step in to love them and save England and be future Queens as the people wont accept anything less than a kind good woman and why should they. We cant have people who dont deserve respect. The Queen Mother was a beautiful tiny innocent darling and like a porcelain doll and very glamorous with her pale and bright colours of clothes and makeup. I don't think he is more than friends with anyone and he needs a younger person. My mother died at 56 as she was a smoker and my father has found a nice woman seven years younger. Mum would have wanted him to find someone nice as she never caused her divorce or any upset until after death as she met him three years afterwards. I hope he will find someone living in Scotland as I think he never stays anywhere else long enough to meet anyone like her in the next few years who will love him like she loved her husband and Diana would welcome a kind person to marry them all. I think if Diana married him ten years later it would have worked. Any women destroying lives and the whole monarchy would have been too old by then to cause havoc. I felt so sorry for the Queen, the children and world as they are devastated at Diana's death in her thirties when she never wanted divorce and still hoped for the new life of daughters not for deaths. Charles would have had daughters like his mother and grandmother if they had not divorced and loved them and them loved him. I hoped they would have five children like she hoped for and like the Queen . We felt robbed when that was taken from them. Looking at photos of the Queen, Princess Margaret and the Queen mother it would have been wonderful for there to be Princesses from Prince Charles who is himself a very healthy attractive intelligent man, kind man and that is your opinion as well set out on the world net. Do you think he will marry again ? Obviously I don't think it would be to an old friend of his who I think wants him to have a good future and knows he is an important member of the world, church and emotionally very vulnerable. She helped him marry Diana. Perhaps she could be of more help now she is so much older and he could become King and be respected, set the example required, save our monarchy and be loved as well as helping charities.

What are your opinions. I presume you agree with the Queen, the Church and the people of the world ?











Dear Sarah Jane,

Your web site is amazing.

Everyone nice likes you. Teresa says you are an angel.

Eli knows you have not told any lies. Eli knows the rumours about the bad ones in Westbury did not originate from you and more to the point are true. I am going for a pint with them sometime and cycling.

You were magnificent telling some people off years ago for calling me the hunch back of Notre dam. They said I looked like a second hand shop, but its them second hand. My father was warden of a church and an officer who fought for this country and did not just go to get votes like some cruel people. Teachers at school said the mentally disturbed people are those who are cruel to the disabled not those they make cry or those who tell them off with their own medicine. You and Tony have always been kind and helped me. Your Nan and Christopher are good to me and Andrew, Marcus and John Coles were nice to me. It wasn't his fault that older divorced witch was so nasty. That was all crazy as they asked you to help them for years, you went to their house at their invitation, out for civic dinners with them, fetes, to dozens of meetings doing the minutes and everyone knows you were getting the train to go to work before Andrew. She must be mentally ill. She said she was a white witch to Tony and you and thought it was normal but I am from Welsh people as well and they are all nice and not witches ! I thought it was all a joke. An old woman in Trowbridge says white witches are avenging angels not crazy cruel people like her. There shouldn't be any type of witches just Christians like all of us but she is an atheist. I am glad we found out she was a hypocrite to say I am lower class than her as she is lower class than me. Its like that sketch on tv with John Cleese.  My mother was a Secretary and she was in Woolworths. Of course Woolworths people are fine but she was a liar and an upstart not to admit it. She must be a bad witch to put pins in photos.

As for the nasty man and his wife in Westbury that caused people to leave years before any of us met them sent back cheques to over 45 people including vicars, professional people and accountants so I know it wasn't just because I am disabled but the ones in debt jockeying for position. That couple should start to be nice now. Tony Jay and that Reverend Jacobsen said they were never more insulted but it backfired on them as the good people stopped them winning even though it was only that bad man playing dirty tricks by smashing the signs and telling lies to try to pay petrol etc accounts . Some of them wanted the county seat for themselves that's all. Everyone is good in Trowbridge and Melksham and Salisbury. All our governments are always good so she hasn't managed to be prime minister ! I don't mind which bypass it is but I was nearly killed on Warminster road. Dave Stallard has got a new route.

It's time everyone makes friends or I will get someone to do a book for me. It wont do the witch any good calling the police as she knows she is a nasty liar and jealous and its also proven by her moving. Nick in her party was nice and others and Graham, Marcus and Grace are nicer than her so she wont be missed.

They say some dogs can suddenly turn after you are kind to them. Cats are better than some people. I helped her for years and when I resigned to her saying she was cruel and mad she sent the police, but lots of you know I told the truth and the police said there's nothing wrong with people in council properties or the disabled and I am allowed to be in politics. I wrote to the paper and when they published my letter I was so happy I cried. It's worse being bullied when you are disabled but I know its not me that's rubbish and with friends like her who needed enemies. It's sad for Andrew as he is stuck with her twice his age and no children but she wont attack him now and she may be ok again now she has got her own way like a tyrant. I hope she will be nice to him and not start turning on other friends of his in their new town. I think she wont ever let him be in politics again and may even meet him from work. At least she cant pretend someone is following him then ! to be spiteful and frighten them being friends with him. She has to think when she is 73 he will only be 50 and still young. That's a selfish love but that's their business now she has stopped her nastiness. Andrew Morton's book said Lady Diana got D for all her o levels and failed them and she worked at one time as a char for a pound an hour the same as me and kindergarten work. I am not that stupid as some people with degrees smoke, die young and have strokes a lot and give people cancer and I don't so common sense is important. No-one must ask me to bow to a smoker or get Debbie to curtsey as a thousand people die a year in London from passive smoking and its a bad example. I have got friends who smoke but they are all ill in their forties and it's only angels like the Queen who deserve bows and curtseys and not town councillors who lie to destroy the competition.

I will see Tony Durant next week as he has offered me the same price for that music deck as it cost.

Teresa has stopped putting bread on the roofs. That chap Tony Buckingham from Trowbridge Hospital League of Friends caught her in the town and they had a row. She asked me for chicken bones but I told her you said I am not to give them to her and I just get corn for her and Rogova. Darren Earney at No 13 Innox Road was Manager at Asda at one time and he knows her bread on roofs caused rats but she only chucks it in the park now so don't worry. Fred is nice to me and she is trying to be a good person now she knows no-one is after Fred.

Ask Debbie if she wants to go out with me.

Delia and Mark who run a nightclub and the soul cafe from 110 Bradford road said they know you never started the rumour about that stepparent and you think it was mistaken identity and not her.

You are not a wicked liar, mad or disturbed. That skeletal fork woman I wanted the garage from has moved as she said a neighbour smiled at her boyfriend. That aunt that tortured her niece as she was sweet and pure should stay in prison.

Best wishes



Dear Sarah Jane

Thank you for linking the music people. We have now got music and the family are delighted.

Best Wishes

Sue and Christopher




Hi Sarah

We cannot start to thank you enough for the support you have given us as a family. You and not forgetting Tony have put a smile on our little girl's face again. Christal has got so much respect for you, all we hear is what her auntie Sarah says and I think that its really lovely she has got a role model to look up to.

Like I said Sarah I cant thank you enough and please don't ever hesitate to ask me for anything.

Love you loads,

Cousin Tracy, Paul, Christal, Gemma and not forgetting my little man Jordy


Dear Sarah Jane

Your web site is amazing.

Your cousin Dean's photo on the web is the double of Winston Churchill.

The correspondence about the con woman who has moved now doesn't mention that she was always saying she sees spirits and walks along talking to them !!! yet says she doesn't think she believes in God. Millions talk to him. The chap whose life she has dominated thinks she really does see all those spirits and yet must know how paranoid she was to turn on her good friends of many years so crazily. He was very upset as we spent many happy years as all friends. He is a good chap and I wish him well. Surely its time Adrian became the Leader.

I think you should feature photos of your mother's paintings of the archbishops etc, family, etc'... and more photos. Some people tell me they look at it every day or week.

Best Wishes

Tony Durant


Hi Sarah my Grandmother is Sarah Elizabeth Walden Smallwood, My Grandfather is George Washington Smallwood . Do you have any information on a Civil War solider in the civil war.  Any info. on the Smallwood family would be appreciated. Thanks Helen Hay your web site is beautiful.





Hi, Sarah Jane,

How refreshing it was to meet both you and Tony. After a very long and tiring week of driving and speaking I was feeling a little demoralised. It was so nice to be encouraged by both you and Tony. That quick five minutes recharged my spiritual batteries so to speak. I have taken a quick look at both Tony's site and your own site, (both are brilliant in my opinion). However, I do believe there may be a word omission on your site, in the third sentence on the slander page, it reads. (This neighbour was furious at being rejected and has tried to put people off and would like her to stay a virgin forever or why make ridiculous accusations she comments). Should there be the word (not) after the word (would). Otherwise with my dyslexia difficulties I cannot quite comprehend what you mean. Please do not be offended by me pointing this out, as I believe we as Christians have a lot to stand-up for, and a lot to say for ourselves and our beliefs. My degree is in Computing Business Information Technology, a bit of a mouthful, but it's called Cbit for short. I qualified at the University of Bath completed at Cranfield University, which was called the Royal Military College of Science I would be pleased to offer you any help and support on computing issues. I have only just recently qualified and am now in the process of building a web site and purchasing a Com address. When my site is up and running may I put links to yours Tony's and Melvin's on may front Page. Lastly, I would like to use Melvin to head a outreach Crusade here in Swindon, I would value your advice on a suitable month to go for, bearing in mind it is summer-time and many people are away on holiday, maybe the autumn would be better, but I would like to start booking a hall and preparing advertising etc., as soon as possible.

To you and Tony.
Yours in the Love and Service of our Lord Jesus Christ
Richard Garrard

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your prompt and extremely nice reply.

Yes you are welcome to link, Tony's web site, the Reverend Melvin Bank's web site and also my web site to your web.

If you telephone Melvin at home tomorrow evening he can speak to you as he is back from a mission in Paris tomorrow and his wife said tomorrow evening is a good time to speak to him when I spoke to her today. His number is O1249 - 655712. He will be delighted to hear from you and keen to help Swindon and anywhere else in the World.

Tony, Melvin and myself have been asked back to Llanarth in Wales on the 26th June, which is great as we were only there a month ago. The Reverend Edgar is in his eighties and absolutely marvellous. We helped at Kington, Herefordshire last week and the Reverend Edgar attended and a lot of the other welsh people. Its lovely to see them.

We are very fond of all of Wales and especially Monmouth and its great history and nice people.

To answer your question about the wording on the slander page the confusion is that you haven't got the bad devious mind of the rejected neighbour who as he can't marry me himself doesn't want anyone else to and hence why he wants me to stay a virgin forever I think. So he thought by pretending to other men I must be a lesbian they would think I am a hypocrite. He also pretended because I am in a shared house with Tony who is like a brother that we are living in sin but the papers know I do not even kiss Tony and this is one of the reasons I got the Doctors letters to clear these ridiculous rumours up. However for the last few years the rejected neighbour seems to be not making anonymous calls or sending crazy letters so maybe he is ok now. I think he has stopped taking drugs.

Years ago a man on drugs threw acid in the face of a girl who rejected him to try to put other men off her as he told her if he couldn't have her no-one would. It was all in the papers. That man didn't realise that she would then meet a man who was badly injured in a road accident and they are now happily married despite their injuries showing they are not superficial people only concerned with looks. They have helped many badly burnt people.

Thank you for your kind offer of advice on computers. I may be glad of this in the future.

I think Melvin would find it helpful to be able to update his web site on a daily basis as he gets bookings all the time.

I am very pleased we met you at the Full Gospel Breakfast at the Civic Hall and am sure your testimony will inspire many people. You spoke very intelligently and reverently.

Your opinion of our web sites is greatly appreciated.

Kind Wishes

Sarah Jane


Dear Sarah Jane,

Hope you had a nice holiday and that everything is going well. Best of luck for your forthcoming book, I am sure it will be a pleasure to read.  There were many Golden Jubilee celebrations here by British residents of the area including street parties, parades etc.
Best wishes,


Dear Sarah Jane,

Would you mind if I included your site in the "links" section of my currently under construction home page? You are a very positive person with a lovely site
Thank you


Dear Sarah Jane,

Thank you for your e mail. My friends and family are just fine at the moment, how are yours doing? My uncle will be getting married in August so I'm going to the UK for the wedding, I hope they will have many happy years together.

I hope to work in languages possibly as an interpreter or teacher... how is your work going? And your book?

Lovely to hear from you



That's very kind of you. But we've already signed up with Scottish electricity through the RSPB scheme for green electricity.
Sorry to have missed your appearance on 'Liar, Liar' but interested to read your recent letter in the press.
Best wishes,

Click on letter to Wiltshire Times below:


Dear Professor Sykes

I am a tv personality with a legal and medical background, and I am also Britain's most famous Christian virgin details of which are on my web site www.sarahjanenewbury.co.uk

A colleague of mine has told me that there is now a very popular facility supplied by yourselves at Oxford University to the general public to obtain DNA testing to establish blood lineage to the names which are indicating a family link as in millions of us researching our family names and trees. Clearly a lot of us are now able to access the mormon world records and access many other registers and historical forms of information however I believe DNA testing to be the only really reliable information.

I am informed that a distant cousin of mine that is a professor has been able to establish a link to many royal families. I am also informed that with new technology today people are able to get a copy of their DNA to put into photographic format for biographies, medical reports, and to show their colleagues it is possible to purchase this now. I believe many millions of us find our genealogy very interesting and that it is the most popular research and subject now written about and researched on the world wide web.

I look forward to hearing from you with information about fees etc'... and how one can make the necessary appointment.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy new year and express just how delighted I am that there are people such as yourself that we can purchase DNA testing from.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Jane Newbury



Dear Dr David Ashworth

Thank you for telephoning me as a result of my writing to Professor Sykes, and I found the many subjects we talked about very interesting. Thank you for taking the time to read my web site as well. I have also now looked at your web site www.oxfordancestors.com.

I will be getting all the tests with you possible and look forward to the results. I will then document them on my web site. A lot of my friends and family will also write to you and do the tests.

Please send me an email back to say if it is alright to put a link to your web site on my web for others to contact you.

Yours sincerely

Sarah Jane Newbury


Dr David Ashworth is the Chief Executive of Oxford Ancestors. He kindly telephoned Sarah Jane as a result of her sending the above email to Professor Brian Sykes and they spoke about many subjects.

Professor Brian Sykes is the founder and Chairman of Oxford Ancestors and anyone can arrange to trace their ancestry and family trees by contacting www.oxfordancestors.com

Sarah Jane is very impressed with Professor Brian Sykes book called The Seven Daughters of Eve.

Sarah Jane will feature the results of her DNA tests here.


Dear Sarah Jane

We would be very pleased if you were to place a link to our website on yours.

Best regards


David Ashworth PhD
CEO, Oxford Ancestors Ltd


Dear David


I can see no problem at all with your theories and believe it is entirely in keeping with my bible and our mutual intelligent understanding of many things and it reads: Oxford University Press containing the old and new testaments translated out of the original tongues: and with the former translations diligently compared and revised by his majesty's special command. Appointed to be read in churches. It also says At the Oxford University Press : Geoffrey Cumberlege : Oxford University Press, Amen House, E.C.4 New York and Toronto

Bible chapter : Genesis Chapter 2 - 7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. 8 And the lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man who he had formed. 9 And out of the ground made the lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for the food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Therefore thousands of years ago the Holy spirit knew how we evolved, God who is wisdom and brains part, and scientists such as yourselves have now proved it even though then it must have seemed extraordinary. Also as I said scientist have also proven now that we humans are all brothers and sisters in a manor of speaking and all races equal etc and this was also stated in the
Bible. I do believe therefore God gave you the brain to do your DNA work and that he is very pleased and proud of you revealing the important confirmation of his and your truth binding the world together as his family.

Please be assured of Gods love for you.

Best wishes

Sarah Jane


Dear Sarah Jane

Thank you for your email. I hope that you enjoyed your holiday.

We are looking forward to receiving your sample and to determining your ancestral maternal clan.

Best regards


David Ashworth PhD
Oxford Ancestors Ltd


Dear David

I am now back from holiday and will send the DNA as discussed. Also I will send off a kit for my father to do as well.

Many thanks

Best Wishes

Sarah Jane


Email: edgarchiwaka1@yahoo.com

Dear Tony and Sarah,

Glory be to God and greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God whom we preach and testify of his resurrection power. I thank God for the wonderful works He is doing through you personally and the Revival Healing Ministry. Not by might nor by power but by His Spirit.

News has reached us here in South Africa and we have been following closely all the testimonies and reports as told to us by our brethren counterparts in the United Kingdom who attend your meetings. They have testified of how God is using you in His might and power with the manifestations of signs and wonders, how the gift of healings and the teaching of the Word.

My name is Rev. Edgar Mthembozawo Chibaka co-founder of a growing and prospering international ministry called Divine Grace Bible Church Ministries based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am called, anointed, set apart to serve in the work of God with the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit as manifested with signs and wonders. I am a fully trained, qualified and ordained Rev. and have been very active in the ministry's work, which has branches in Malawi (4), Zimbabwe (2), Mozambique (20) and South Africa (2). My present responsibility is International Coordinator for Missions and Conferences.

Now, dear Minister, I and the entire Church Board of Elders have been overwhelmed with the testimonies which have come to us especially last nights phone call from our Pastor friend based in central London who recommended us to approach you with a request as we gave him a responsibility to recommend to the Board a man of God who could be invited as guest speaker at our October 2003 Annual General Conference (AGC) commemorating our birthday. We have written a similar indicatory invitation to Rev. Banks but knowing that you normally work side by side; we felt that you should also be invited separately.

The purposes of our contact are two. Firstly, the Church requests you to send us an invitation to attend some of the meetings you have arranged scheduled between 28th March and 13th April 2003. Being the responsible person for Conferences, I will be travelling through to London together with the Church elder Arnold Mlanga Pundi to meet and talk to you about our intentions to have you come for the AGC. We will be able to pay for our own flight fares and other bills but only request you to make an accommodation and food reservation for two. If you are in agreement to our proposed visit, then send us an official invitation either by email or fax so that we can begin to process our visa application with the British Embassy here in South Africa.

I will speak to you later on the phone.

The Board and I would appreciate your prompt attention and action on the matter. May all the glory, praise and honour be to Him and be richly be blessed.

Yours in His Service,

Rev. Edgaru


Dear Rev Chibaka,

Many thanks for your wonderful email.

Have you now discussed the situation with the Rev Melvin Banks ?

Best Wishes

Tony Durant.


Dear Servant of God-Tony Durant,

It is my sincere hope that our Lord Jesus Christ is doing the best in keeping us in good health and continues showering His blessings upon us as His children.

I haven't been in touch with Rev. Banks since I was waiting for his response to my earlier enquiry. The two times I have called his office as well haven't been fruitful. I dont know if you have spoken to him about the same which I sent to you. may you can give me his direct phone number that I should be able to call him.

And again I want to hear from your side.

Greetings to Sarah, a wonderful woman of God.

God bless you richly!

Rev. Chibaka