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Sarah Jane has now featured the National Enquirer article. A few weeks from now when she is on holiday she will feature dozens more articles on this web. She is also writing a book at the request of hundreds of nice people.


Sarah Jane is an international celebrity and appears on tv, papers and magazines all round the world spreading the wisdom and love of God.  She has received thousands of letters and wishes to thank everyone.



wiltshire2.jpg (88890 bytes) Wiltshire Times, Friday September 26th 2003
letter7.jpg (128605 bytes) This letter was published in the Wiltshire Times the week Sarah sent it to the Editor. Many thanks to the Wiltshire Times. The new Editor Toby Granville has made it a great paper.
wiltshiretimes.jpg (191292 bytes) Wiltshire Times, Friday January 10th 2003
Bella magazine, December 2001 page1 page 2
Advert for feminine pure brides, American paper, May 2000
Daily Star, Tuesday January 5th 1999
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Daily Express, Thursday June 6th 1996

The Daily Express did a brilliant article about Sarah Jane and other virgin Queens of England. The likeness to the young Queen Victoria to whom she believes she is very distantly related is remarkable and also to our present Queen Elizabeth.

Sarah Jane believes the Queen that did not marry put duty to the people before pleasure and just did not meet anyone in her circle that was suitable enough to the church and people to marry, though they exist, and could have combined the two if she had met the right man as our present Queen does so brilliantly.

Sarah Jane believes Princess Diana was a kind person and that she is in heaven.

Sarah Jane believes Barbara is wrong to have said all men are monsters and was perhaps joking. There are many good kind men in the world and many bad women.

news2pic.jpg (15849 bytes)*** Wiltshire Times, Friday May 17th, 1996
Eva magazine, 25th January 1995
Bournemouth Evening Echo, October 12th 1994
Chat Magazine, 12th February 1994
Sunday Mirror supplement, August 8th 1993
letter received
news1.jpg (161700 bytes) Friday, June 19th 1992
sport2.jpg (76522 bytes) Monday March 2nd 1992

Sarah Jane asked a paper to investigate a man that was sending her letters. Sarah was suspicious as previously a man she worked for had spoken to her on the phone and told her she was exactly what he wanted when they spoke then denied talking to her as he got fed up waiting, was seeing someone else who wanted marry him and he said he was frightened she would kill him if he didn't marry her. Sarah wishes all these people well !!! Sarah never kissed either of these men and always gets people investigated.

This article shows a man's letters asking to meet Sarah, saying he wanted to settle down and have children and a photo of what turned out to be his common law wife saying she was just a friend !. Sarah never met him as it turned out he was living with a woman and she was a common law wife. The article shows the man admitted he sent letters from his mother's address and that he admitted he was a con man. Sarah wishes them both well.

There was another instance of a woman 22 years older than her husband and very insecure who made her husband move as Sarah got the same train as him at one time to work. She was friends with them both for years and wishes them well. At least she will be nearer her grandchildren from her previous marriage but there was no need for her paranoid accusations and Sarah will never even kiss a married man. One nice woman did say to Sarah if she ever died she hoped Sarah would marry her husband and look after him and their children as Sarah is a nice person. Sarah hopes this unselfish woman lives a long healthy life.

Stuart, who worked for the man and woman who said Sarah imagined him phoning her (though Tony witnessed it), said that it was her that was obsessed with him !!! as she wrote to him and talked on the phone, said he had got into the clutches of an arrogant woman (as Sarah was not sure about him) and the woman he drifted into going out with through being tied to her by work and buying a business from her had bought lots of men with her money from her trade as a saleswoman and owner.  They had both pretended he was crazy when he showed them up as liars. He said the smell from all the animals of the woman he married being allowed to urinate etc !! in the business was terrible and her staff were expected to clear it up. He said they were a joke and wrote Sarah a poem about what he called the evil woman. Sarah is delighted she found out about all this and hopes this couple will stay together. She is not naming this couple as she prefers to forgive them for saying staying a virgin is old fashioned and that he was not saying he wanted to marry a virgin on the phone. He also said he had not spoken to Sarah since she told him he was too young and stopped working for him but he is in her sisters wedding video months after and they often talked on the phone like pen friends which is what they were for years after. She never kissed him and as soon as he had to admit he was involved with someone after the press investigated him she told him she hoped he would marry the other woman and would not stay friends with him as he had pretended they had not talked on the phone. He said he hoped she would marry him in the next life. They have never spoken since. Sarah said the woman can't be all bad as she loves dogs and he always treated Sarah with respect.  Stuart said they were a joke having a white wedding and were a nasty couple that were hell to work for that only worship money.

(please see Sarah's views on the about friends page about people getting married and trying to make it work)

sport4.jpg (42630 bytes) An article, Friday February 21st 1992
enquirer2.jpg (396844 bytes)enquirer.jpg (113814 bytes) National Enquirer, January 18th 1992
An article, January 21st 1992
mirror5.jpg (155192 bytes) Daily Mirror, Tuesday December 31st 1991
western2.jpg (50485 bytes) Western Daily Press, Monday September 9th 1991
The Sun. January 1991
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mirror3.jpg (130136 bytes) The Daily Mirror, November 21st 1991
western.jpg (175426 bytes) Western Daily Press, Monday November 11th 1991
Wiltshire Times. October 25th 1991
Take a Break magazine, 23rd February 1991
people1.jpg (68985 bytes) The People, November 26th 1989
Bath & West Chronicle, August 19th 1988
star1.jpg (73256 bytes) The Star, Tuesday July 19th 1988
mirror4.jpg (166744 bytes) The Daily Mirror, Thursday March 8th 1994
bigspendernews.jpg (58639 bytes) One of many adverts for Martel Cognac. Sarah has copies of some lovely adverts she did on tv with Sherry Ann. They are great people.
trowbridge.jpg (116211 bytes) Western Daily Press
The Sunday Mirror
IMPORTANT NOTES re paragraph in Bella article (marked on P2)

This article contains a paragraph with a misunderstanding and an expression I don't know.  The only male spreading lies about me was someone who wrote anonymous notes everywhere pretending he does not believe I am a virgin because I share a house with someone like a brother.  He also wrote dozens(!) of dogs share the house.  The same man pretended to a neighbour there was a petition to get him and his 3 cats out of the road and that everyone had signed it.  The reality is the petition never existed.  I do not know where the expression about anyone saying wanting to get more men in bed comes from!  No-one has accused me of lying about being a virgin for 15 years as they know I am and can sue.  I know some people tell lies to try to put others off as they can't get anywhere and don't want anyone else to!  Women are the ones who often tell lies to put men off me.

No doctor has ever thought Sarah is mad and have always just said they hope she will find someone and settle down. Sarah Jane's doctors have all been women. She does not understand why the article says Sarah said one of the doctors thought she was mad to begin with, and called the doctor a he. Sarah said she may have said one of the lady doctors may have thought it extreme to ask to be examined but when Sarah played recordings of the wicked slander the doctor could see upon examination it was wicked slander and not imaginary and the examinations were always given for court purposes not for chat shows, although when Sarah is approached by the media they often ask for the medical proof and there is no reason not to put the case for Christianity, virginity and good sense. Also to show how people should never listen to lies about anyone as someone completely innocent like Sarah can be made indignant and tormented by the most ridiculous lies imaginable.

Sarah Jane was alarmed to find after her parents divorced that when she became 18 her mother saw her as competition. A man her mother liked who wanted to go out with Sarah called her a lesbian as he was furious at being rejected, she sent him a Solicitor's letter, and he then pretended Sarah imagined it and her mother said she believed him so Sarah gave recordings to the Doctor to prove she does not imagine it and has never been paranoid. She thinks of this man like a brother, and he now accepts she is not a lesbian and he did not slander her again. Sarah Jane has forgiven these people but her friend along the road, when she discovered the neighbour, caused them all to get rats and her boyfriend went off with someone else (because someone pretended she was after someone else) committed suicide. This man is a reformed person now and does not slander anyone. He has a lot of good points, and regrets pretending Sarah imagined being slandered. He also was very embarrassed the neighbour caused rats but like her felt sorry for them!!! The Wiltshire radio spoke to other neighbours and knows the rats weren't imaginary either!! The thing that annoyed Sarah was she cleared up the rumour of being a lesbian etc to find herself accused of imagining it! Sarah knows a man with two degrees who committed suicide as well and helped the Samaritans at one time.

With reference to the chap mentioned in Bella who is religious, this ex boyfriend lived in a small village, was an elder of the church. He was a bank executive and leader of a council and he said stay on the settee on the condition it's explained to my local vicar who lives nearby we are not doing anything and neither of us wants to be slandered. Sarah said this is true and it's good to nip gossips with vivid imaginations and malicious slanderers in the bud. He is a nice man.