Questions and Answers

The music Evergreen is dedicated to Prince Charles who cares greatly about trees and the rain forests as well as many other Charities.


Would you mind if a man was divorced or widowed and has children ?

No, I would be delighted and care about them as if they are my own.

Are you you still willing to have children if you get married and if the man specifically wanted a girl or boy would you go in for the new technology and tests ?



What music do you like ?

All sorts of music, classical, modern, country, soul, opera, hymns etc'... I will be putting some of my favourite music on the web. I sang in a choral society at one time and the fact I learnt Latin and French from the age of five was a help.

What age group are you looking for ?

Probably someone older.

Do you smoke ?


Are you healthy and wealthy as well as wise ?

Yes. I have never had anything other than measles, indignation and flu which means I have never had to stay in a hospital overnight. I have fallen over on the ice a few times ! and always been ok and never broken any bones. I am very concerned with health and eat lots of fruit and vegetables, meat and vitamins, never taken any drugs and drink lots of water and this is maybe why I have never suffered depression or any illnesses at all. Also there's an element of luck as the family are all healthy. I drink a glass of wine about once or twice a week.

I am fine financially and owe my wisdom to God, genetics, clean living, healthy eating and the medical and legal profession. Doing every aspect of the law and working for every type of Consultant is a good way to gain knowledge. I love books and believe we can learn a lot from things on television etc' ... as well.

Would you ever make yourself sick to loose weight ?

No its very stupid and dangerous and a lot of the mentally disturbed people I know who have killed themselves, or continually take overdoses which is so silly, attacked others violently and with slander have been thin but mad. A woman in London threw herself in front of a train and I felt very sorry for her, and the train driver ! I do feel sorry for these people. They are wrecking their insides, killing their immune system and can cause a lot of worry and havoc to those who love them. One girl was a very sweet girl at school and her bulimia caused her to become like a monster. She nearly drove her best friend mad and it wrecked her marriage, which I think would otherwise have worked. A very wise man said its better to marry someone sensible than someone obsessed with their looks and thinking only beauty on the outside is important, when its inner beauty and cleanliness that matters One of my neighbours is bulimic and very thin and its caused her to be insecure, deranged and twisted. She smokes and sicks up what little food she eats. She then calls everyone fat, then calls them malicious when they say how sick she is. I prefer to loose weight slowly and stay full of vitamins, healthy, sound, patient and well adjusted. If that means being chubby a while that suits me fine. However, having twisted an ankle and got cooking fat tipped in the soup by a neighbour ! I am determined to be more strict in future. I ate too much salt at one time and have stopped that now. I also need to do more jogging on the spot. I admire people like Dawn French who help chubby people see they can still be glamorous. I am a very happy person fat or slim but intend to get back to eight stone by the time I get married.

Do you prefer dogs to people and have you ever put one in a home.

No my dogs have always stayed with me until they have died of old age. I do prefer dogs to some people and I have always loved everyone's dogs and horses. Too many people get rid of them just for things they will grow out of. I nearly got clawed to death by a dog that was greeting me many years ago that wasn't even mine, but I didn't say anything as it could have been destroyed and was not vicious. There were also rats in that neighbourhood causing anxiety and all classes can get them. I do believe people should control, clear up after their dogs etc, and it can take a while to train dogs not to be clumsy and chew things. I am someone that believes a dog is for life not just for Christmas and have never let any of my dogs go and they have never been saints ! Children and humans are not a hundred percent perfect themselves and we need patience and discipline in the right measure. Dogs are undoubtedly the things that have caused me most worry and heartache yet when I own a dog I would never break its heart by putting it in a home or sell it for all the millions in the world. They give a lot of love and I have always felt safe with them around.

Have you ever phoned and asked a tv show to feature you ?

No they always invite me and I find them all nice people with a good level of intelligence.

Do you feel nervous on tv ? There's often people who are both nice and nasty to you.

I am not nervous. I have learnt to cope with people being nice and people being nasty. I have become very confident and resilient. I have done many live tv shows etc and I like the challenge of coping with all people. I laugh more than I cry and hope to be as wonderful as the Queen mum at 101 before I die.

No-one who can read or has any intelligence thinks its you that's mad, or a lesbian and its obvious you are a virgin but are you just lying by saying you are not a snob and do you think no-one is good enough for you ? You have turned down a lot of millionaires, and turned down a fortune to go topless, and we all know people have told your grandmother they asked to marry you. Is it true you just think they were not your destiny ? and will marry someone when you turn in your own words from a chubby duckling back to a swan.

I am not a snob and I think I will get married. Yes I do believe in destiny and yes when I am no longer an ugly chubby duckling I will probably have swan lake playing at my wedding reception!

Would you ever agree to a lie detector test about anything at all on a chat show ?

Yes and have always wanted to do so. An American barrister said she hated people slandering her and asked to be referred to a psycho analyst when she was 19 to clear her name. She is very bright and has also always put evil stupid liars in their place. She is also very happy now and the television have helped her clear her name.

How long have you believed in God ?

All my life.

Do you believe in Angels

Yes definitely. Please see my answer on the Manager's page of website.  There are other questions and answers on that page.

Do you believe in heaven and hell ?

Yes. When I was a child of seven I worked it all out. I remember realising when some people a lot older said they didn't believe in God and heaven saying to them do you realise if someone goes blind in old age they can still see in a dream even though a lot of that is generally just a mixture of things, yet the capability to see is still there in the minds eye and they can hear in a dream if they have gone deaf and experience the sensation of walking if they have no legs etc '... and all memories, capabilities etc'... can never be destroyed and you take them with you to eternity but go to different levels. I also remember a dream in which it was all in lovely colour and it seemed to be how I think heaven is and a voice in the dream like no other said there is always evil around on earth but it will never get you and those nice people you will see destroyed on earth will then be in heaven. I was seven and at a prep school where we ate a lot of chocolate and we were given chocolate at home and I told my grandmother I would give up chocolate for lent and did so. That may have been a dream but it is what I believe and if I were to be killed in a plane crash which can happen to any nice person I do not fear death. I do not however believe any sane person can think murderers can be in heaven with those they have caused to die by people deliberately crashing planes. God, the creator wants everyone to live in peace like brothers and sisters, love and respect all races and is horrified at innocent people being killed. I am delighted we are lucky enough to be born into countries with nice governments and have nice people like President Bush in America. They both care about the people of all countries in the world and I know they are both men of God who have married sensible, faithful women upholding an example and the sanctity of marriage. They have always been fair and given people the chance to improve. I have always known the Queen has the Holy Spirit and that her father the good wise King George who is in heaven is very proud of her. I wish everyone could have this understanding as the world would not be so sad when people die, especially in tragic circumstances, not fear death in the same way, be more kind to each other and the world would be united.

Who do you think are good men out of Winston Churchill, Tony Ben, John Major, and Tony Blair ?

They were and are all good men. All of them helped make Britain Great and I can understand people voting for any of them. I have met many people who moved here from other counties years ago who say England is Heaven on Earth compared to the terror, cruelty, and poverty of their countries. They had no national health and say how lucky we are.

This is my favourite photo of a great man and ancestor Sir Winston Churchill who is now in heaven.

Should there be more women in politics ?

Yes if they are good, sound, wise, intelligent, and strong minded people.

Are men, women and coloured people of equal intelligence ?

Yes generally speaking given the same education, genetic luck, love and good nutrition.

Should there be coloured people in British politics ?

Yes if they do a good job.

What do you think of our National Health Service ?

I am very proud that my grandfather was one of the founder members of the national health service and he gave his life to it. Many countries do not have one. I have worked for many excellent Doctors and Consultants and believe they are wonderful people. I have seen many hospitals running effectively and seen many people who have been very happy with their care. There are so many people needing help and operations but I believe we have always done our best to help all patients and I hope people will take the good advice of their Doctors, Consultants, wise and expert people. A lot of my friends have died young.

I was very impressed with the Accident and Emergency staff when I worked with them and believe they like the fire service are very efficient and brave people. They were very nice people and we worked together as a team with no arguments at all.

Have you ever thought of being a Councillor ?

Several men who were nice people in a local party asked me to stand as a councillor for their party years ago but a woman who had pretended she worked in local Government before moving here and yet had worked as a salesperson in Woolworths and became a councillor who married the leader who was elected after my ex boyfriend got posted away was very jealous of me and said virgins are too old fashioned to be Councillors. She turned evil. She boasted she seduced the man half her age as soon as she met him and although we were all friends for years and all fond of each other she suddenly turned against me, became paranoid and then got him to move away. She told me she is a witch and I got a picture of me with pins in it sent anonymously. I never knew witches even existed but her witchcraft was ridiculous and did me no harm. He was a great loss to that party but all the Trowbridge Councillors are nice people anyway whichever party they represent. I have good friends in all parties and decided ages ago to be entirely non political. I think some chairwomen want people they do not see as competition and was shocked at her treatment of a disabled man as she said he was too working class to be in the party as he lived in a council flat which is rubbish and it turned out she came from a council house before she moved to our town. I have many nice friends from council estates and only look down on cruel people who do not deserve to be chairwomen, though most are probably excellent.

Were you ever cheeky at school and did you ever do things like climb trees ?

Yes and Yes.

Was your prep school where you learnt Latin and did you like Trowbridge College and were you full-time there ? Would you recommend that College ? What was the motto of your Public School Convent ? I sent my daughter there and we cant think what it is. Did you find shorthand ok to learn, did you pass the exam and who was your tutor ?

Yes I learnt Latin and French from the age of 5 and was always in the top three of all subjects, especially English, scripture, history and languages where I was often first as I liked those subjects. I sang in the school choir and many subsequent choirs and choral societies, often singing in Latin. I love theology as I am deeply religious and respectful of gods ideal plan for the world, churches, and all nations.

Yes I passed all my exams at school and went straight to Trowbridge College permanently and passed all my exams there. Trowbridge College has won awards for excellence. I also went to Ealing College of Further Education when I worked for Solicitors in London and did some courses at Trowbridge College years later. The Open Universities are very good and its nice to see people in their eighties getting degrees,

Mr Sleaman was the tutor in Shorthand and it was no problem at all to learn. Yes I passed the shorthand exam and did shorthand in most of my secretarial jobs including for Lovegrove and Durant Solicitors where I worked immediately after college, The Britannia Building Society, Westbury, David Grey at Ellis and Fairbairn and dozens of other places. Shorthand is useful for many things.

The motto of St Monica's was Benignitas, Simplicitas, Hilaritas.

Did you find any subject a problem to learn ?

Most of us including myself found Chaucer a problem in our English Literature A level.

Have you ever fired a gun ?

Yes I love shooting clay targets.

Would you keep a cat that kills birds ?

Yes, that is often their nature and a lot of fanatics have put cats in cats homes and broken their hearts. Cats and Dogs should be for life and people should consider all aspects of things which are natural to them before having them. A lot of people dont have the patience to house-train animals or despair if they chew. There are many people who are tolerant to these things. People should never expect dogs and cats to be perfect.

If you were a Liberal Democrat or Independent, although you may be neither, but thought the best candidate was Labour or Conservative would you vote for them ?


What party do you support ?

I really am entirely non political and the above question and answer is documented as I believe everyone should take voting seriously.

What do you think of Jehovah Witnesses ?

No comment.

Does a farmer have the right to defend his lambs and sheep against foxes ?



Should the Queen retire now ?

No I think not yet as things are and she is doing an excellent job. I would hate the situation where people turned against the royal family. I love the royal family and the people equally which is what a sincere sane fair minded person does and therefore I believe the Queen should stay a while . She is a good example and worthy to be defender of the faith as were her parents. The people must see privilege to be given to those who keep the same moral standards as many of them are expected to do unselfishly and be deserved. I do not want to see all her parents and her many years of worthiness and hope for the royal families reputation and continuance for generations as defenders of the faith to be wrecked. I am delighted the Queen Mother lived to be 101. She was a tiny tower of strength that never slackened. I hope Prince Charles will find a new future with a good woman like his mother and grandmother who he can marry and set the same good example. It may be he has a friendship with a previous girlfriend of years ago and maybe she hopes he will find a good wife with lots of years to give to the people as well and them all be friends. I believe a true friend would want another little Queen mother to arrive to love and help him, England and the world and maybe she does. Its so important. I do not blame Prince Charles or Princess Diana that their marriage ended in divorce. I believe they both wanted the marriage to work and I am very sad it didn't work with him and Princess Diana as I believe it should and would have done and the majority of people hoped it would. I could see he was very upset when she died and I cried myself. The royal family and Tony Blair all looked deeply sad. Prince Charles is a very intelligent, humorous, kind, attractive man and he should have a nice decent woman of god that would be acceptable to the people and help him as his grandmother helped his grandfather if he kindly undertakes to be our King or it should go to Prince William when he is older if he finds an angel like his grandmother and great grandmother. I hope the good lord will sort things out for him. I hope he doesn't underestimate himself because I know two decent women who are in love with him who care about a good future for the world like Princess Diana did and who are fresh, around her age and non smokers . . I think there is an element of luck and determination in people finding decent people and I believe a true friend should answer a question as important as this honestly and that is what I am doing. I am so happy the Queen and her mother have not smoked. A friend of mine of 57 has just died of lung cancer and her partner and his sons are also ill from breathing her smoke. I thank God our Queen mother lived a long, happy, healthy life and so was able to do her job so well and inspire millions.

Some people cannot ignore the advice of the Church and the nice decent people even though there's a ridiculous expression that they are millions of commoners ! and expect to keep a position of privilege. The Queen holds the respect of the world and the church and that's what is rightly expected and owed to the people by the next monarch. I hope and pray Prince Charles or William will make the right decisions and therefore be a good King. They are certainly both nice men.

Eventually I shall write a book being more specific about things but want to wait to see how things turn out before doing so.


If Camilla is polite to you would you be polite to her ?



Have you ever thrown bread rolls, rotten apples or eggs or anything at anyone ?


Do you think those people who have strokes and become paralysed and incontinent in their fifties from smoking should have the same patience given to them by the Doctors and waiting lists ?



Do you think it could be dangerous doing the Ouija Board and holding sťances?

Yes a neighbour called Sheila told us although she has a wonderful husband she was having an affair with a toy boy when he was at work and she tried to call the spirit of her father who had died asking him to do automatic writing though her and something evil got hold of her. She started saying bad bizarre things in a different voice to her husband then didnt know she had said it. She also said she heard voices saying they would get her when she died. Her husband sent her to a psychiatrist who in those circumstances suggested she also spoke to a priest. He told her it was very dangerous having extra marital sex and also calling spirits. Her not walking in the light had left her spiritual door open to evil attaching. He exorcised her and told her to stop being unfaithful to her husband. She stopped saying crazy things and hearing evil voices. She found out years later the man she had an affair with has got aids and is now very worried both for herself and her husband.


Has that previously dirty promiscuous woman that became a nasty con woman lying saying she was from offices tyrant in politics who caused havoc in a generally good party and who leeched onto a chap when he was so young, making a meal ticket of him like a parasite, stopped sending you photos with pins. ? When women from council houses start to criticise the disabled and pretend they look down on decent people they are the worse type of upstarts with inferiority complexes.

Yes she doesn't send anything now. I spoke to her before she moved and she seemed to be less evil. It was sad as we were all good friends for years and she wasn't all bad. Its best to forgive people when they stop harassing you but to make clear what the situation was to stamp on their lies and paranoid behaviour.


Dear Miss Newbury did you know I get cigarette ends on my path as well from those bad neighbours? Well bred people are often owners of dogs and horses and feel no need to pretend others houses may be dirty knowing inner filth is what to beware of. I am proud to say half my family are from council houses and half from wealthy properties. I agree with you people are all equal. A well known Conservative MP said on t.v recently he started life on a council estate. He said all of his upper and middle class colleagues own dogs, cats or horses and none of them are fanatically house proud or critical of others. I am certain our prime minister believes all people are equal and I noticed the nice President of the United States owns dogs that he loves. Those people criticising peoples houses or gardens because they own dogs forget we all wore nappies, all need the lavatory and all leave a ring round the bath as cars, smoke and the air is all around.

I know a woman who owns a dog she shuts up in a cold shed, yet smokes and when she takes it out she allows it to do its lavatory in public places. These are the dirty ones. I handed her yellow hand a carrier bag one day to clear up after the dog.

I remember Andrew said you never allowed your dogs to leave a mess in public places and I am pleased smoking is now banned from some food places.

I agree with you saying whereas its sad for those smokers we all know who just cant kick the dirty smelly habit but we don't expect their muddled or viciousness to criticise others for lesser things whilst throwing their cigarette ends in our path. These arrogant crazy people even threw stones at my window when I told them off and I am 91 and a retired nurse. I gave blood until I was 65 and lost a brother in the war. I am afraid there are many selfish twisted people and whereas I do not believe there are class barriers there should be a road for the people with inner filth and poisonous natures round here and a road for those of us who are kind. Not all smokers are nasty people but they are their own worst enemy and should try to throw me nice smiles and good wishes at least not stones or their cigarette ends.

I saw a Doctor saying on a t.v show those with the furred up arteries from smokers are in danger not those from a little fur on their dogs. I bath my dogs every week as corgis are rather furry. I protect them from smokers and they protect me from burglars. I love them like children.

Dear Neighbour along the road,

Thank you for you comments. I am sorry to hear you are getting annoyed by vandals. I will call round to see you soon. Your niece said she will print off this reply for you. I am pleased she and her husband are moving in with you next week. Best Wishes, Sarah Jane



Where has that con woman who pretended she was from offices yet wasnt and was cruel to people moved ? Call round for tea sometime. I have been a widow 35 years and its a lonely life. My husband died at 55 of lung cancer which is another reason I hold intelligent views about smoking. Tell Tony I am better for his prayers. bye for now.

That woman has gone to a town to stop him talking to decent women and friends of many years who care about him unselfishly in a way she never has. She seemed to be ok for years. The problem with con women is they are often very deceptive and do indeed weave a web of lies, wickedness and bad example. She was unsuitable to be in politics or to latch onto a friend but because of the time they have spent together, because of her blocking decent people, they are fond of each other. She ruined their reputation here and that chapter of local politics is closed. I just hope we will not one day read she has killed him because it wouldn't surprise me at all. He is a nice man and a lot more intelligent and kind than her. Its a pity her feelings for him weren't maternal as she has sons older than him who have normal happily married lives, children and will probably never have their friends treated cruelly and the police sent round because a woman his own age called Angela wanted him to have a proper marriage with her and tried to phone him, not having his work number unlike all of us, and a disabled man wanted to phone her to tell her to "get exorcised " and stop her reign of terror, bad example and bad health. In fact in a way I think she has done the right thing moving away.


Dear Miss Newbury, I think you are great. I am a mother of two girls and two boys. It says in the bible a man sleeping with an unpure woman or prostitute can take on their diseases, aura etc and become one with them loosing their spirituality, reputation, wisdom, health etc '... Do you think more warnings should be issued about sexual diseases, impotence, sterility, testicular cancer and subsequent castration, aids etc from festering channels, men abusing boys ? and the moral standards required to be fit to call themselves Christians without it just being a sick joke. The men of the church say heaven and hell exists. It says the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and sex should be within marriage and such delicate matters between just those two to avoid disease, hell etc .... Also if there were no such guidelines men could have hundreds of children with dozens of women, give up their jobs to avoid paying child support or be bankrupt, there would be broken hearts, upset children that mind and are upset, suicides, more drugs, poverty, crime, more burglary and mugging etc., more evil terrorists, less people here to do charity work etc'.. Aids, smoking, drugs, cancer etc is on the increase now and could eventually almost wipe out the human race and cripple the health service etc This wisdom of the church will be seen more and more, but for many millions more it will be too late. I hope you will find a nice man whether he be single, divorced or widowed.. I myself have been told by my husband if he dies early he hopes I will find a nice widowed or divorced man and I have said the same to him.

Yes Maybe there should be more warnings although there are a lot of warnings on the news, papers, magazines, chat shows, literature etc, I believe all the churches do their best to warn and protect people as do wise people and true friends to these sad, miserable, and unhealthy people who need help however clogged the health service may be and yes it will get a lot more clogged sadly. The Queen Mother has shown how marvellous some people can be at 101 and people need to see what could be in store at such a great age as we will all get old or die on earth then go to whatever spiritual level we deserve and back to or grow in spirit to the prime of life

I have got a friend, who was a legal secretary who has been widowed, remarried, and widowed again, and has now married another widow and she is just ten years younger than her 85 year old husband. She is a nice person and never thought she would marry three times. There are a lot of lonely people in the world and I am delighted she has been a suitable step grandmother and has found a husband three times. She is like our Queen very bright, glamorous and attractive with a good sense of humour. They go on holidays and she is not vulnerable by living alone. I would never sit in judgement on them and this could happen to anyone. I wish them well for many years. She said if they all go to heaven they will all be friends. I think they will all be heaven together and all be friends.


Do you thinks if two virgins marry and make love 3 or 7 times a day or week that is ok ? or if a virgin marries a divorced or widowed man with no disease.

Yes Doctors say the mixture of two such humans is safe. I may make love three or seven times a day or week when I get married with a husband !


My son wants to marry a woman with two children who was abandoned by her husband to marry a gold-digging stripper who has got herself pregnant by him and is still smoking ! knowing his wife had children of three and five. The wife divorced him on those grounds though he did not really want the divorce and nor did she.. Do you think I should give my son my blessing to marry the woman with the two children ? They are fond of him and also still fond of their father and step mother to be. They would share the children.

Yes definitely. I know your son and the woman and children you write about, and I believe God would also bless the marriage. She is the innocent party of the divorce and he loves the children as well. Its time she married a Christian who will help look after her and the children. I don't think the children should be told their new stepmother was a stripper and caused the divorce as they have suffered enough. Its best they all try to make the best of things and I don't want them to end up being called wicked liars, mad or looking like tarts or anything else. Hopefully if they love both their stepparents they will love them. Its always best to be friends than enemies. I have many types of friends and I always look for the best in people as no-one is all bad. If you live for the future and forgive people it makes for a more peaceful life and its better to love than hate.


Do you buy things from charity shops ? and what do you think happens to children who die all around the world without being christened etc ?

Yes of course and boot sales and fetes. I also send things to people in many countries. I am absolutely certain all children of the world go to heaven and also many adults whether they are christened or not. Children when they die are looked after by angels like Mother Teresa, and those wanting children or more children.  Many who die in poverty and squalor will be in paradise and will grow up to be angels.


Dear Sarah Jane

You modestly don't mention you could have accepted the Leader of the Council's request, your ex boyfriend, to be stand as a councillor long before the con woman infiltrated our County which you have helped make great and she just jumped on the band wagon at a time when perhaps a monkey could have been elected as a result of your good decent influence. You know you are the most suitable person possible but would you want to be a Councillor ?

best wishes

Tony Durant

No I am happy to be non political and who I vote for is confidential.


Dear SJ

What do you think of the leader of the opposition and the Liberal Democrats leader ?

I think they are both very good people.

If the Reverend Banks stood as a Conservative MP in Chippenham or for another party would you vote for him and still help him ?

Of course I would. He is a good chap and was a Captain in the Salvation Army and is an excellent Reverend and I discern he is of sound and sincerely fair judgement.

What do you think of the Blairs ?

They are a nice couple who set a good example.


Did your parents have any sexual relationships with anyone else before they got married ? and do you think your mother should have divorced him ? and what did both sets of grandparents give them for a wedding present ?

They were both virgins when they met at the age of 16 and went out together for five years. They always loved each other and no I do not think she should have divorced him. Even if a man has an affair it doesn't mean he doesn't love his wife and children and I think affairs generally fizzle themselves out. My mother's parents gave them the deposit on a house and my father's parents gave them the stock for a small holding although my father was a PT instructor in the army at the time and my mother worked in an office doing law. Both sides of the grandparents paid half the wedding costs although today I know a lot of people pay for their own weddings.


Do any of your family work in factories or live in council houses ?

No but some people I know do and they seem happy.


Has your sister found a job working with art yet ?

Yes she is working at Trowbridge College and is very happy.


Where is the worst place you have worked ?

I did some computer work for Consignia for a few months and they then asked us to sort out Christmas cards sometimes after many hours of computer work running out. There was a horrible woman called Annette who told people they could not sit down for seven hours. She was a real upstart and as hard as nails. A lot of the people there were very nice and we felt it right to help the others and to make sure people got their post. A friend of mine called Janet Eldridge was also very upset working for them and rightly complained.  Its bizarre how evil people label good people trouble makers and I believe all people who work for Consignia work very hard and well so we can all get our post and parcels.


Was the Queen in any way to blame for the Paul Burrell case ?

No of course not. The problem was caused by lies being told to the Police saying Paul Burrell had sold items in his care abroad. When it was realised lies had been told it was then significant to say it was known he was looking after items. The Queen is an angel.

I know what chaos is caused when lies are told to the Police. A chap drove into the car a friend and I were stationary in recently and drove off. The hit and run driver convinced a police woman it was not him and she was very nasty to us. She also said she would be round at 10.20 a few days later as she had forgotten to ask a witness to sign every page and she then arrived at
midnight. Unfortunately there are good and bad in the police but she is the only bad one I have ever met and I believe her colleagues and higher ups are very nice good people.

A nice chap called PC Fisher came to the house when our neighbour threatened to shoot us with her husband's gun if we helped people prosecute her for chucking bread on English peoples roofs etc to give people rats. The PC Fisher also spoke to witnesses who confirmed she threatened to shoot us. He said it is well known she is lying when she pretends its not her causing rats by chucking bread on English peoples roofs and shop doorways as she is on CCTV cameras a lot. Roderick Eldridge then did a story in the press about it. The neighbour is severely mentally ill and she told Tony Durrant and I it was her twin sister that lives in her head that does these things and not her and we are very worried as Tony Durrant found her chucking chicken bones at his dogs. She is a split personality and can be either very nice or totally wicked and we prefer to be friends not enemies. Her husband is an angel.


Have you been invited to County Councillor John Syme's wedding ? Ann and Andrew are hoping to be invited.

Yes I have been invited. John and his wife to be are very good friends of mine of many years. They come to me for meals, I go to them for meals and we also meet and go out for meals sometimes. Ann and Andrew are not invited as the lady John is marrying has been very upset at Ann's very nasty ridiculous remarks made by Ann to her face and said to me Ann is poisonous. Only nice people are invited. They said they would have liked Andrew to be there. Andrew and Ann now live in Wales and we all hope he will be ok.


Are the evil moronic neighbours a few houses along still refusing to close the safety gate between the houses to prevent toddlers, dogs and cats being run over ?

Yes two of them are still leaving it open. They are weird nasty people who behave like demons. Some years ago a chap who was also an alcoholic also swore at Tony Durrant refusing to close the gate but he is now in a mental home where he cant cause harm to others or himself. I never realised such bizarre people existed and the very nice neighbours here like Fred Wozniak, David Etches and the very nice people at number 13 all close the gate and behave in a normal and nice way. Most of the neighbours are nice people and its only five people out of a hundred that are bad. At my home addresses a hundred per cent of the neighbours are always nice and I always hope the bad ones will either start to be nice or move away !!!


Are you still friends with District Councillor Adrian Fox?

Yes, we often send each other emails. He is a nice chap and will be sadly
missed when he moves to France next year.


Are you still friends with Enza and Steve ?

Yes we go all go to lots of places together like restaurants, the seaside, church meetings and parties.  They have asked me to their house for meals a lot and they come to me for meals sometimes.


Are you still friends with Janet Eldridge and her husband ?

Yes she is a very nice lady and all of her family are nice.


Will you do a page featuring some of your friends? and when will you do some more to your web site ?

Yes I will do a new page about friends and doing more to the web by new year.


Are you still friends with Antoinetta and her chap ?



How many people went to your grandmother's 90th party at the Jubilee Hall, Bratton ?

About 50 and it was a marvellous party. She also had a party at the Cedar Hotel for a different 20 people and that was marvellous as well. She is absolutely delighted with the bird feeder Ashley made.


Are you looking forward to Christmas ?

Yes, I love Christmas.


Has your grandmother agreed to have her house decorated yet ?

No, but we are all trying very hard to persuade her as always. She doesn't like upheaval. She has lots of good friends who visit her and a very good family. She is a happy lady and is marvellous for 90.


How is your friend Joy Smith at the Ham, Westbury ?

She is ok. She would make an excellent Councillor, is involved in many
important issues and is a very good person.


Do you think your local MP Dr Andrew Murrison is doing a good job and will he fight for a much needed bypass for Westbury so we get something and not nothing to help save accidents, arms and legs etc and cut down on air traffic pollution in Warminster Road which is after all a very busy county road ?

Yes I think he is a very nice intelligent chap and that he is doing an excellent job. He knows I think you need to be very tough and resilient as a lot of lies are told out of both jealousy and ignorance about members of all parties and generally. He is a nice man and he is also tough. He seems able to think independently even though he is told many differing things. The Conservative County Councillors generally seem nice intelligent people as well and are doing their best to get a bypass for Westbury as are some County Councillors from all the other parties and Independents. Also a friend of mine is trying to get an achievable bypass for Westbury who is a County Councillor in Trowbridge and he is a Liberal Democrat called Jeff Osborne who was a lecturer and mayor of Trowbridge recently. I do have friends and people who I believe vote well in all parties on this subject. Despite ridiculous rumours and political bickering I have never sent anyone anything anonymous or told lies. I believe all people should have a responsible attitude to issues like Dr Murrison despite some issues being unpopular or they should not be in politics at all. I wish all of the town Councillors in Westbury could be as intelligent and wise as many of the County ones. I hope that Keith Miller will get back onto the Westbury Town Council as an Independent as he knows what's what in Westbury. Its very sad that the farmer Maurice Jones died as he was a very nice and clever man.

I know for a fact the County Councillor for Westbury who was re-elected last year with an increased majority is a very sincere, caring, hard working and brilliant chap. Thousands of people know that and they turned up to vote. I was absolutely delighted and it put some very jealous people in their place. He was nominated by some of the nicest most intelligent people in the area and they like me were not surprised his majority had increased.

A friend of mine that is the town clerk for Westbury called Mr Les Fry and who was also a mayor somewhere in Wiltshire a while ago also knows politicians can't please all of the people all of the time. Its a very tough decision for people to make about a bypass and any of the routes chosen would have upset many people but progress has to happen and the tough decision has to be made and I thank God the County Councillors are capable of making those important responsible decisions. A man travelling along the Warminster Road was hit by a lorry and lost both of his legs. Anti bypass campaigners would not like to lose their limbs or for any of their family or friends to be injured or killed. A friend of mine who lived at Warminster Road spoke very well to the County Councillors through a voice box as he got throat cancer though he never smoked and his wife cried with pride. He has since died and those of us fighting for a bypass for years promised him we would never stop fighting. His name was Les Mathews. A Mrs Wendy Miller and her husband Keith who live at Warminster Road have lost dogs with throat cancer and seen many accidents. I have seen many accidents there and I have also seen lots of dead cats, dogs and wild animals by the side of the road. Many nice intelligent people believe many of the town councillors should not try to hinder the bypass now a route has been chosen. I myself hoped a Western route would be found to be the best though none of the routes ever seemed perfect but investigations by experts led to the decision of the eastern route being found to be both the best and the most achievable and now I believe that decision should be respected and supported. I think Councillor Peter Chalk the Leader of the County Council is also a wise tough chap and that he will not let irresponsible people bully him into Westbury not getting a bypass at all. Westbury has needed a bypass for many years and lorries and traffic are getting worse every year. It would be tragic if anti bypass campaigners won.

When I heard the Paul that married the woman from the furniture store he bought is now divorced from her already I was not surprised as she was not the kind of girl to marry !!! I hear its cost him a fortune as well. What do you think ? You mention him as saying he hoped to marry you in a next life.

I am not interested although I did warn him at the time the papers rooted out the bad blonde was after him but he was in the bad hands of liars and non Christian upstarts a lot of the time anyway. He was easily led but hopefully may be wiser in future. He is a laughing stock and its cost him a lot of money but I hope his health is not ruined as that's a more serious danger!!! I would not want to marry him though I hope he will be ok. He was annoyed when I said he was too young but I was right as he then mixed with some bad rotten to the core people and my head always ruled my fondness of him which is why I never even kissed him. I never think about him anymore.

What did your stepmother's father do and did she have good jobs ?

Her father was a high ranking captain travelling the world for our country and her stepfather was a successful self employed builder. She did have good honest jobs of course. She also loves cats and dogs and is an extremely good grandmother to my nieces and nephews.



Dear Sarah Jane, I know you do some celebrity fund-raising for the National Animal Welfare Trust and that they and you manage to raise huge sums of money and that you like and are very popular with all the people who you work for and with. Who is your main person you report to as I would like to offer to help them as well.

Best Wishes

Elizabeth Hope

Yes I love helping the National Animal Welfare Trust and I never have any problems with any of the people. I love dogs, horses and the many other animals we put into sanctuaries, homes and retirement homes. This charity is very close to my heart and I am blissfully happy helping them and meeting thousands of people every month who are so wonderfully kind to animals, who are very nice to me and thank me for helping a charity so close to their hearts as well. Avis Ainsworth is the lady you can speak to and her number is 01773 550911. The web site of the charity is

You need to be able to deal with some very weird/rude people sometimes in a diplomatic way but 99 per cent of people are very polite and nice.

Best Wishes

Sarah Jane


Has your father Terry had his operation yet for the sports injury that arthritis has set in and caused him problems with and is he still tea total? Does he still value antiques and video them ?

Yes he is in France at the moment in a Clinique there. He likes flying and travels a lot yet this trip is not the same as a holiday but it will make him rest and will do him good. He will soon be fine. Yes he is still tea total so his medicines etc should work well hopefully and in fact I only ever drink about two glasses of wine a week occasionally. He is generally very healthy and I think he will live to be a great age. I will ask him to telephone you about the question of valuing and filming antiques.


Would you ever be Tony Durant's girlfriend ? 

No of course not AND THAT QUESTION REALLY ANNOYS AND  INSULTS ME  and he knows I have a friend in America he likes and knows to be a good man.  I DO WANT TO MARRY SOMEONE SO  I  am looking for a  husband in the future.     Tony is llike a brother but 25 Years ago he was tickling us and tickled around my chest. I MISUNDERSTOOD, DEFINATELY MISUNDERSTOOD,  AND WAS FRIGHTENED.  . HE STOPPED TICKLING AFTER THAT AND  JUST WANTS TO BE LIKE  BROTHER AND SISTER. HE WANTS ME TO MARRY SOMEONE AND HAVE MY DOGS WITH ME. HE WILL ALWAYS BE LIKE FAMILY.