Slander against Sarah Jane

Sarah has been the subject of many malicious attacks which she believes are caused by jealousy.

Sarah Jane was in Bella Magazine in December 2001 (click to view)

The only person who accused Sarah of lying about being a virgin was the rejected neighbour in anonymous letters before publication of doctors' letters. He pretended she must be in bed with Tony as they share a house but he is like a brother. This neighbour was furious at being rejected and has tried to put people off and would like her to stay a virgin forever or why make ridiculous accusations she comments. Sarah Jane will be listing her ex boyfriends and is good friends with them all. The same neighbour pretended Sarah and Tony and the whole road said they had signed a petition to get a man, his wife and 3 cats out of the road he had argued with. This was more lies and the petition never existed. Sarah Jane believes most people stopped talking about her years ago and have accepted she is a virgin saving herself for marriage.

One rejected neighbour sent letters containing lies to various newspapers and is believed to have killed and eaten Sarah's cat!  Ironically this neighbour also pretended to the RSPCA that Tony Durant was starving the pet dogs!  Following an inspection, the RSPCA noted this as a malicious hoax and that the dogs were well fed, live in luxury and that Tony's brother is a vet.  Sarah Jane said "we are all highly respected by the RSPCA who have sometimes asked us to nurse injured animals to recovery".  Sarah Jane has many nice, good neighbours who have also had problems with this mentally disturbed neighbour.  The media have been in the house and seen that it is a nice place and do not believe the ridiculous lies that it must be dirty because there are 2 dogs!  Many doctors own dogs and also love them like part of the family.

One of this neighbour's sisters was found putting anonymous notes full of lies on the car a while ago by Tony Durant. She said she was shielding the culprit and was taking the notes off. However she is known to throw bread all over peoples' cars, roofs, and the town and the council are trying to stop her. The woman says she sees the spirits of crocodiles and likes rats as much as the birds. However she told Sarah she did not want her husband to see Sarah Jane's frilly underwear on the washing line and she does not put bread near her own house! So Sarah believes the woman has mixed motives. BBC Wiltshire Sound came and interviewed residents there who confirmed the bread is put on roofs, cars etc and that it causes rats and put them in the picture. The council have got the situation under control. The river and situation is carefully monitored. One of Sarah's concerns is that land near the river, occupied by protected animals, should not be built on and it might cause flooding.

Please note that Sarah Jane has never had any bizarre behaviour from any of her neighbours at home.  They are all nice.  She belongs to a residents' group of over 80 at the shared house.  An Architect in the road has been very helpful to the Residents Group.  Sarah cannot accept any responsibility for the actions of others.

One woman at her work attributed her own promiscuity to explain why she sacked Sarah!  Sarah's purity made her feel dirty!  A journalist (Janet Eldridge) has become a good friend and has visited the house for many years.  She said that Sarah Jane is a good, kind person and no-one intelligent believes lies.

Doctors tests followed some rumours in circulation regarding a lodger and all the other ridiculous speculation Sarah sets out in this slander page.  Sarah has never done anything at all with anyone and believes many people get lied about to try to put other people off.  The lodger (Dani) told mutual friends (Delia and Marc) that Sarah is a nice, kind, untouched girl and he was very happy sharing the house.  One lodger, an accountant, shared the house and cried when he left.


Letter from Sarah Jane Newbury to address rumours

Dear Enquirer,

I got a phone call asking me to be more specific about what rumours, lies etc were going around about me.

At an office where I worked a woman who was after a man who liked me said she thought I must have had a bad experience or be frigid.  No one has ever even molested me and I feel passion like anyone else.  An ex-boyfriend told me a woman tried to put him off me by saying I was mental because I imagine or pretend I get flown to America to speak and do articles.  She also told him I would not be interested in him and said Sarah is only untouched because she is a lesbian.  It's clearly all lies to put people off.

Two of the people who slandered me were men I have rejected and they were on drugs.  Their explanation for the slander is that the drugs caused them to hear evil voices and one said a spirit tried to strangle him!  He sent letters full of bizarre lies all over the place.  They both seem to have got over the rejection now.

I have never taken drugs and I have never seen or heard any spirits either good or bad, but I believe life is eternal.  I have also been lucky enough never to have had schizophrenia or any mental illness or depression.  A lot of nice people do and this is very sad.  I have seen a lot of people have nervous breakdowns from working too hard and they have all recovered.

There have been many ridiculous rumours.  Other virgins I have met on chat shows have told me they have all been slandered.  In fact I think most people get lies told about them and we all get indignant.  It's good not to believe gossip and to deal with fact not fiction.  Some people tried very hard to pretend I am a hypocrite and mad.  I have not told lies about anyone and I am not a nasty person.

I do feel sorry for people and forgive them and believe the Holy Spirit wants us all to be nice to each other!  I treat all races and classes with great respect.

Best wishes,  the intact and sane

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