My Dogs

I have always loved dogs, and have always thought of them as children. No dogs could have had a happier life. They have been fed on the best of everything, kept warm and clean, taken for regular walks and been given great care and love.

A lot of the people I admire like the Queen, Presidents, Professors, Consultants, Barristers, showbusiness friends, etc own dogs and often a lot of dogs. My houses have never been burgled and I love to look after them and give them an excellent home and life.


The two collies are my dogs and the two springers are Sarah Jane's.
They are all rescued, Foxy has been mine for nine years. Cleo for three years and Sarah Jane has had Jessie for seven years and Polly for four years.

This is Genevive, Sherry Anne's puppy. She was the only girl puppy and a family were waiting for her. However when Genevive was older they phoned and asked us to have her back or were going to put her in a dogs home as they both went back to work. I decided to keep Genevive myself as Sarah had got two dogs. Sadly it turned out Genevive had cancer of the blood at about six years old. When she was away she was hit by a car and we wondered if this caused it. This was very tragic and we know her brothers lived to be 9 and Sherry lived to be 9 as well. That is a good age for a St Bernard as they are very heavy and have heart problems later in life.
Sarah Jane's St Bernard Sherry-Anne on her own velvet settee watching Sarah Jane on television and guarding documents. Sarah Jane, Sasha and Sugar.
Sarah Jane and Sugar The two litters of mischief together !!!
Sarah's dog Sugar's puppies in a play pen to give Sugar a rest. Sarah always keep the puppies and dogs safe, clean and in luxury. They have always had Pedigree Chum, steak, liver, carrots, eggs, Bowyers sausages and pies !!!! and the best bones and chews from Pet Planet in Trowbridge. She cleans their teeth and Lucky has all his teeth aged 14. They have been brought up like princesses and princes with silk cushions, soft blankets and the best money can buy. Most importantly they are loved like children. Sasha in our garden
Sugar and the puppies
This is Kingy and Charlene 15 and 17. Mr Simmonds the vet said what lovely dogs they were. This was Sugar, a Samoyed age 15. She was Sarah's dog and she treated every one of the dogs and all the family dogs like princesses and princes. They had silk cushions, soft blankets, the very best food, lived in a beautiful warm house and were taken out, bathed and cuddled all the time. Teresa our neighbour next door and Delia says they were very lucky dogs and often see the present two dogs.

The Angel and the Fox

Sarah Jane and I found this fox injured on the side of the road. Sarah examined it and brought it into the car and we tried to phone my brother a vet with several practices at that time but he was on holiday. So we phoned the Wildlife Hospital who asked us to look after it until it was old and well enough to be released into the wild. The dogs accepted this fox and groomed it. She was with us 3 months and was then put with other foxes at a fox sanctuary. We were delighted she paired up with another one and were not released anywhere near traffic or livestock as they went to a fox sanctuary where they are studied and monitored. We have rescued many injured badgers, bats, otters, owls, doves etc