My Family and Friends

My mother, Marian, and her sister, Irene, were the daughters of a draughtsman from Portsmouth. My father's parents owned their own butchers business in Emsworth. My parents got married in Portsmouth. They had two children , my brother Michael and myself. My father was an Officer in the Ministry of Defence and he eventually became a pilot. They moved to Singapore when I was four. It was a lovely life there for four years. We then returned to England and my father was based in London. My nice aunt Irene became a nurse and she married an Architect George Woodcock. She had three nice daughters. I spent some happy times with my aunt and uncle. My mother and my aunt were always very close. My brother became a vet with several practices. He is a good chap. He has three nice grown up children. Their son is a Doctor.



Mama and Dad. Mamas wedding My father and stepmother
Does anyone know where Kathleen Durrant is please and her son Paul Howells. They have gone off with ALL my family's money, my onyx chess set, antique clocks, etc... His young son from his marriage has not heard from him for years and we are furious.
Mama Grandpa
Myself and Mike Dad visiting us for lunch Mama visiting Gracie Fields on the Isle of Capri. We were all great friends.
Dad in the Royal Airforce
Myself in the Royal School of Artillery, Manorbier, South Wales
Myself in the Junior leaders Regiment in Wales

My ancestors came from Tong Castle and many of them went into the church. I am distantly related to the Newbury family and Sarah is like a sister and also my best friend. I was absolutely devastated by my mother's death. I was always very close to her. One of the reasons I moved back home with them was as she was dying of cancer and was only 59 when she died. She seemed to be well at the age of 58 and it is thought her breathing in other people's smoke was one of the problems. She had worked hard for my father and helped him run various businesses as he branched into other things than his career as an Officer. I myself helped him in family business and he bought a lot of properties I helped him renovate and furnish. We owned a villa in Spain which I furnished. My mother was my showbusiness manager at one time and they also both appeared in films. My mother was a very kind sweet person and like my brother and myself loved animals.

My ancestral home, Tong Castle,  Shropshire. The Church at Tong holds ancestral records. Tong Church
Singapore, Malaya Myself diving as Singapore's Junior Champion Our Bungalow in Malaya, and Mama and Mike with the Oxen

My father then brought a woman in just weeks later who retired from the tax office, re-married very quickly, and moved her into our house.  She was a very hard cruel woman that smoked though she knew I am asthmatic. I have no respect at all for free and easy women who say they think dogs are dirty while they puff their filthy dangerous smoke in your face. I expected him to re-marry but not so soon and not to such a horrible woman. So I took the dogs Sasha and Paddy and the cat Paddy with me when my father sold our main family house and bought a house near my work. I was in shock about all of this for a long time. In Bath I lived in a huge house with a big garden and garages and I had marvellous neighbours there and suddenly found myself living next to nutters, my cars getting vandalised, crazy anonymous notes on the cars, people causing rats and sick deranged phone calls. My world had crashed completely and I suddenly had my father's dogs and yet was working full time whilst he and she were both retired and very rich. She persuaded him to move to Spain and did not even notify me of his death until weeks after he was dead. It was an arrogant letter with no address on it saying she may decide to forward the family photographs if she gets time as she certainly doesn't want them !!!. Now she and her son have vanished with a lot of things belonging to me. Her son suddenly stopped contacting his son and so did my step-mother. I gather his son was about 10 at the time and very upset.

Mama and Mike in the Rolls, Singapore


Our Car Rickshaw Singapore
Mike and Binty Mike Mike, Gunta and his German cousins, Braunfels, Lahn.
Myself and Mike Mike Mike, Singapore Mama, Dad and Mike outside a  SnakeTemple 

Terry was the oldest of 12 children. He was the head boy of his school and his father Cyril who was a farmer and builder prided himself on the fact he never claimed a penny national assistance. In fact the Newbury family range from millionaires to building society cashiers. Those wealthy ones that employ people all treat their employees like part of the family. Grandfather Cyril loved all of his children and grandchildren and told me how proud he is of each and every one of them. Grandmother Newbury lived to be in her eighties and they were a marvellous couple.

Sarah's grandfather who was the Accountant and Management for all the hospitals was one of the most respected men in the county. It was a very sad day when he died as he was only in his sixties and went with his heart. He had played golf that day and seemed to be well, so his death was a terrible shock. Arthur Mays the Funeral Director in Westbury is a marvellous man and we are all very fond of him.

Myself winning a scouts gala. My brother Mike winning a competition Myself and Mike sharing a box of chocolates. Long may this continue !!!!!
Mike and myself winning a South London swimming gala for the scouts. Mike was London's swimming champion. Mike and Buzzer in Sampan  Mike winning a fancy dress competition

Sarah Jane is an absolute angel and good Christian sister, she took over the office from Mama, helped me look after the dogs, cat and helped keep me on the straight and narrow. Despite having a lot of jealousy and bizarre behaviour from jealous neighbours etc she is still the same sweet forgiving person. When I saw the fourteen year old who committed suicide recently because she was bullied and called "fat and ugly with horrible hair" although she was beautiful and clever it reminded me of the crazy pitted faced woman who phoned here who my friend Stuart worked for. He said the woman who owned the store was a smelly free and easy sewer who was a bully who turned nasty when he told her he didn't want to get involved with her she then seduced some idiot man Sarah was friends with 12 years ago. This chap was phoning here to speak to Sarah many years ago and I spoke to him a lot until the evil woman got her clutches into him but pretended he wasn't. Good riddance to him. I hope Sarah will publish the letter Stuart sent her so liars do not prosper. Stuart was very upset at the way they treated him but found another job and a nice woman. We got Stuart some television work and I am sure Nicky Cambell remembers him !!!


One of our family villas in Spain. 

Friends in Spain
Our cleaning lady Elizabeth chaperoning Sarah on the yearly Christmas shopping trip to France. Elizabeth in France
Sarah's father, who is like an uncle to me, and her mama's parents, her brother and the two spaniels Sugar and Shandy. Sarah Jane's father. He is a nice chap.

I discovered way back in my ancestry, although we are descended from a Duke, war heroes, etc lived in a castle and held farms that many years ago one of them and his wife went to prison !!! twice just for stealing a loaf to feed 14 children and buying food that turned out to be stolen following a slump after the war. The children had their parents taken away !!! for 6 months and had to go to relatives who luckily had retained their wealth and farms as they only had three children. I feel so sorry for my ancestor and I asked a friend who is a Judge in London when laws became more lenient. He said a long time ago when he was just a teenager and that a similar thing had happened in his family years ago and that in some countries they would have chopped your hand off !!!. He said its the drug dealers, sex attackers, violent people and burglars they like to catch most and no family is without its skeletons. He also said today after five years the slate is cleared and that stops many people from re-offending. Also that most people only have two or three children now and that without birth control there would be a lot more financial worries in the world. A farmer friend of mine recently shot himself because of the foot and mouth disease. My heart goes out to all these sad situations.

I am very happy these days, am financially ok, and have been a Christian for many years. I have got some good friends at work which is a good employer but I am hoping to get early retirement and do more in showbusiness. I visit my aunt at least every year, and I feel my mother is still around and I believe the life you lead here determines the spiritual level you go to in the next. I will be going with a clear conscience and will write more about my beliefs in the About Me pages.


Sarah's cousin Tammy is married to Godfrey Davis who is a nice Jamaican and these are two of their lovely children. Godfrey Davis a nice Jamaican married to Sarah's cousin Tammy bringing Chantelle to tea.

A distant cousin called of mine, I discovered by tracing family records, called Beatrice lives in Poland and is a children's Nanny. She said she had several men try to molest her at the families she lived with then call her crazy and other names as they knew they wouldn't get anywhere and sack her and she was about to get another job although she loves children then it transpired a wife who she was friends with died suddenly of cancer, and a year later she married the man and brought the children up as her own. So they have asked me to go and stay a week and entertain there. I look forward to meeting you all. I have family links in many parts of the world and will by flying a number of flags on this web site. I am of Norman origin a thousand years ago as well as British, and have a lot of relations in America and Australia. I think its nice how close America and England are and many of us are related to them.

Godfrey, his niece and daughter Chantelle swimming. His family are nice Christians and we are very fond of them all. Sarah Jane filming with Sherry Ann Sarah Jane's brother.  He went to Ravenscroft Prep School, Beckington Castle, Greshams Public School, Norfolk, then Oxford University. Following teaching he is a councillor and travels the world for the Council of Europe.
Grandmother Newburys funeral. Sarah Jane and her aunt Amanda. This is the aunt who said Sarah gave her the confidence to hug Grandfather Newbury goodbye when he died at the age of 88 of pneumonia.

This is Terry Sarah's father, who is like an uncle to me, videoing grandmother Newbury's flowers at the lovely Westbury Cemetery with the White horse in the background.

This is David Munday. He has been a friend of the family for 25 years and is also my gardener. We help look after his cats and his father and mother asked us to keep an eye on him like family for them many years ago.
This is Anthony Jay Sarah's Jane's best friend of 12 years and her ex boyfriend. She did not marry him as he would not have wanted any more children, following a divorce years before they met and became friends. They will always be friends and she is also friends with his wife who she encouraged him to marry. He has got a brilliant job for the Ministry of Defence and is a good chap. He agrees it is good for Sarah to stay a virgin until she gets married. He says men who don't want to wait aren't worth bothering about. He lives in Tisbury and said he knows lots of people who waited until marriage and they are happy.