Friends and Colleagues

Sarah Jane who is like a sister and who is also my Manager. See Manager page. Sarah Jane is an Angel. Tony Jay has been one of our best friends for about twenty years and is a great help to us.

Sarah Jane and I have been very good friends with Councillor Tom James, who has been Mayor of Trowbridge twice, for twenty five years. Tom is a member of the Residents group of thousands that we run and has often attended meetings at our house. He is a great personal friend of ours and is always there for us as we are for him. He is a very kind, intelligent, humorous man and we have come to think of him almost like family. Roy Bence, Jenny Jay and Terry Newbury at Freda Smallwood's 96th birthday party at the Laverton, Hall, Westbury. It was a fantastic evening with dozens of her friends and family all having a fantastic evening.
Freda Smallwood with Kerry, Clare two of her grandaughters and her great grandaughters with Terry at her 96th birthday party.

Freda is President of the Royal British Legion at Bratton, was county Chairman and has a gold medal from the Queen. I have taken her shopping, to vets with her dogs, to the hospital and generally helped her for over thirty years several times a week. She tells everyone I have been like a son to her and she is still very bright. She will make over a hundred I am sure. One of her great hobbies is feeding the birds, reciting poems and entertaining her many visitors as well as still being part of the Royal British legion and attending their events and meetings. She can still recite the Lady of Shalott with Terry Newbury all through !!!

Freda at her party with her grandson Christopher and some of Sarah Jane's fantastic aunts and cousins. Her Auntie Sandra did all of the lovely flowers at the party as a present and they were the best in the world. Auntie Sandra owns Redwood Lodge on the Ham. Westbury and is a very popular much loved and respected lady around the world. Some of her cousins are Cashiers at the Britannia Building Society and others run great businesses and make wonderful employers. the family is one of the most populat in the county and Sarah Jane's father is the oldest of twelve children !!!

Myself and Lord Bath who is a very nice man and good friend

This photo also included Tammy Newbury who did the catering and it was absolutely brilliant. Thankyou Tammy.
and to her helpers. Tammy also sang and has a fantastic voice.  Mandy May' who has worked for the wonderful Oval Group for years helped with the wheel chair as always and her daughter Natasha (Scrummy Fairy) who is both beautiful and Clever did some filming. thankyou.
Enza & Steve, best friends of ours for many years
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