My Manager 


My Manager, who is like a sister, Sarah Jane Newbury working as a Legal Executive. We are very proud of her many achievements and excellent references from wise people.

Dear All,

My Manager, Sarah Jane Newbury, is also my best friend and like a sister. She is a very nice, kind, intelligent person with a great personality and sense of humour.

She is always well mannered, diplomatic and she always treats all nationalities and classes with respect.
Sarah never bats an eyelid when friends swear a lot and tell rude jokes and in fact she laughs at a lot of them.  She never bats an eyelid if they smoke but opens the windows and puts the dogs in the conservatory.


She is a marvellous hostess and often cooks wonderful meals and snacks.


I know all of her family and am in fact distantly related to them. They are all kind, honest, intelligent, hardworking, clean, smart, successful outstanding people. Sarah believes they have been lucky to inherit good genes from their ancestors and have a duty to help those who are born and live in sad circumstances, especially the children in under privileged countries, the disabled, the elderly and many others.


She is a confident public speaker and television companies always say how absolutely brilliant, diplomatic and gracious she is. Also what a smart fresh person she is.


Sarah Jane travels the world like a Christian diplomat. She loves all the countries in the world and is loved by millions.
Sarah Jane doing her third television show in America at the Marriott or Hilton with another guest on the show Nicole. Nicole is also still a Christian virgin like Sarah and Nicole said everywhere she works there's always a jealous person slandering and bullying her. Nicole says she is happier now the television have helped her clear her name. Sarah Jane's cousin Samantha's wedding. She owns a beauty salon and is our hairdresser and a very nice person.
Sarah Jane as a celebrity guest on a tv show. She has appeared on over 100 chat shows and always speaks extremely intelligently and is loved by millions of nice people around the world.

Sarah Jane doing a celebrity interview for HTV news What's On Sarah Jane
Sarah's parents and grandparents could never get her out of the sea as she has always loved swimming and diving. When she was at Sandy Bay she rescued a little boy who was bitten by a Portuguese jelly fish swarm when we heard him screaming. Luckily she was not bitten herself and he was ok.

Some people ask me the following questions quite often and I have documented her reply to them:

What perfume does she wear ?

I always have two or three showers a day with a peach shower gel and I always wear Nina Ricci L'air du Temp perfume.

Sarah is a very beautiful person and how does she stay so young looking ?

I drink lots of fresh water, don't smoke and always take my makeup off with wet tissues with astral and I wear astral moisturiser all the time. Its suits me more than any others. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables, chicken, and steaks and I don't wear powder and keep out of the sun. I also take vitamins. My family generally get to the menopause in their early to mid fifties and I will then ask about HRT as I know many professional people who have taken it for years and are very young looking in their seventies. However I think its a lot more important to be nice and to have a beautiful soul. Looks are not important and eternity is forever.

Sarah Jane modelling a dress for Fenwicks. She likes their designer dresses and suits and wears them a lot.

What political party does she vote for ?

I wish to be completely independent of politics and have friends in all parties and also Independents. Previously I have had trouble with a political party trying to stop me working for an agency whose client was suing one of their members for slandering a friend who was exposing someone's corruption and attempt to block him as my friend was too much competition. I am told one of the reasons this man was so spiteful was he owes money to garages for petrol and wanted to be a councillor at the cost of anyone's reputation and would slander anyone in his way. I am not naming this person as every new year I decide to forgive and forget and be prepared to be friends with people who seem to want to reform. I was told not to interfere in politics !!! and have no wish to do so as the matter has now been resolved. I was also told by a Manager of a commercial company he would blacklist me with the agency if I flirted with his team leader and he subsequently sacked him as he was so jealous. I never kissed anyone at work (although I don't think its unprofessional if people do go out with work colleagues though the Manager said it would be as he was living with someone who worked with us and so couldn't kiss anyone at work himself ! ) and believe the only unprofessional behaviour is peoples power turning them into tyrants. However I also understand that people are human and was very fond of the Manager who said he was mad with jealousy and I really do wish him well. I hope he understood I could not kiss him as he was living with someone and I am not a lesbian !!! I was very fond of three men at work and was very sad when the Manager ended the temporary contract as he said he couldn't cope with the worry of me going out with one of the men there and couldn't go out with me himself. I hope wherever Jay Langley, the Team Leader from Brann is that he is well and that Paul Hopkins, who I wrote to( which annoyed Martin , though he promised me promotion two weeks earlier but told me not to phone Paul. If Martin was available it would have been him I phoned) and Martin are all well. Also I don't think it wise to criticise anyone's religion or politics unless that is your career or you have good reason to do so for the good of others. Also political parties are different in every town and I do not wish to influence people either way in such matters as I take my position in the media very seriously and never want to be unfair to anyone.

How is her diet going ?

Well, its slow but sure. Experts tell me its not good to loose weight too fast but I am determined to get back to square one and not get like a chubby bear again. My neighbour was tipping cooking fat in the soup, which she said was to make it taste nice !!!, when I had twisted my ankle and I had a weakness for salt a while ago.

Does she colour her hair ?

Yes , Recital. I am a little vain and that's why I know Mother Teresa was a more perfect person than me !!!

Does Sarah Jane believe in angels ? From Elizabeth Canter, Age 7

Yes, the Bible describes them and I definitely believe in Angels. When children and people that have tried to lead a good life die they fetch them and take them to heaven and help them adjust to their new existence. I also believe they do their best to look after people on earth. I think that children who die as babies probably become angels and that death is never the end. Please let me know Elizabeth if I can ever help you. Ring me or send me a letter. I will not forget you.

If you want to ask her, that is Sarah, any more questions or ask me any questions please e mail me, Tony, on this web or ask me personally. We get lots of fan mail and only the occasional nasty deranged type. Sarah is the innocent sweet girl who has always stayed within the realms of the holy spirit and she is the sane one. I sometimes see a parallel of evil peoples reaction to Sarah as showing a cross to vampires !!!! Some peoples drugs, sins and diseases twist them up and they hate Sarah as she is a nice, pure, successful beautiful person. I am certain there are some people on drugs who have slandered Sarah and said crazy things like she must be a lesbian to us who get spirit possession as I saw a woman prayed for once who started talking in a mans voice. We all know she is a virgin now saving herself for marriage. Also a girl on drugs called Thekla told us she was hearing an evil voice saying kill Sarah and so we never allowed her in the house again. also a neighbour called Sheila played with the Ouija board on her own and said something evil sent bad messages, then she heard voices saying they would get her when she dies. Her husband referred her to a psychiatrist and he referred her to a priest as it started with the Ouija board. Also some people arrogantly challenged the devil to appear not believing in him and strange things happened. I think Sarah has a very good strategy for dealing with the many types of people we meet. She has had to deal with some very weird. dangerous people who are extremely devious and mentally ill from diagnosed schizophrenic neighbours to drug addicts to people who simply lie to try to make political, financial or to gain the affection of men she has been fond of or jobs she was interested in. She has witnessed the most horrific road accidents and immediately kept calm and been a great help. She has rescued mangled up animals from the roadside and got them back to good health or helped me to bury them. She does not scream and shout at spiders !!! Her grandfather was a bomb disposal officer and she also has nerves of steel when it comes to helping others. She rescued my friend's puppy from a river in the middle of a freezing cold winter while he and everyone just watched on. We then had to drive home with them both drenched.

Sarah adores dogs and treats them like princesses and princes. Dozens of people have said they would like to be a dog in this house.
Sometimes I hear people say Sarah is one in a million and I think she is one in a million million !!!

Sally, Sarah Jane's mother, always treated Sarah like a princess, which is what her name means, and she was always buying and making her (and all of her father's sisters sometimes) the most beautiful dresses and she also was always painting the most wonderful oil paintings of her which Sarah should feature on her web. I think her mother was jealous of Sarah after she was 18, but when she met George and was in a secure happy relationship Sally reverted back to a doting mother again and is certainly very proud of Sarah.

Please see Sarah Jane's marvellous web site at

I will keep you all posted of my next television appearances etc.

Kind Wishes.

Tony Durant


This is one of my favourite angel pictures for Elizabeth. Dear Elizabeth, this is one of my best pictures of an angel

best wishes Sarah Jane

This is what my Manager Sarah Jane is, she is an angel.