Questions and Answers


When a lot of reverends, professional decent people and Christians including yourself and the well respected Anthony Jay got all their cheques sent back by a political party in a town as you wanted to weed the badness of a few not all of them some years ago did all the people fighting for truth and goodness all stop voting for that party? Is it possible the trouble was just caused by misunderstandings ?

It was said someone pretended to a high up in the party all the people lived in caravans !!! or were supporters of Jesus and not going to be supporting some of their cruel members that mock disabled people then call them disturbed ! and don't want any bypass at all for Westbury unless they or their supporters make a fortune from it ! to try to excuse the blocking but none of them do or have ever lived in caravans ! and are all all professional, millionaires or vicars who naturally support the church as do some of their members, who unlike the bad ones who caused the blocking do not just go to pretend to be good. ! God bless those who do live in caravans, tents and who are homeless of course. Many of them will go to heaven whereas some rich people will not. I believe the jealous man and his wife who were desperate for money for large petrol accounts etc wanted to block competition of more intelligent sincere people and were like rotten apples in that barrel have been rightly still blocked by seeing the one they tried to block still win without the liars support. This was not the fault of party members in other towns. A lot of lies were told to try to excuse this blocking but intelligent nice people saw through the lies and my friend who was called a hunch back of Notre Dam cruelly has seen the attempt by the ruthless infiltrators who moved here probably about 10 years ago and who have caused many people to leave that party before the large number got their cheques returned not get away with trying to slander and crucify local people including reverends ! Some of those people who live in other towns may have decided its not the fault of party members in other towns who may be truly nice people. I believe the majority of all parties and councillors are good and that none of them would kill even if they have either intentionally or not intentionally spread lies. I know the attempt to blacken and blacklist competitors and their supporters backfired and if we find its still going on we will be more specific in books about the bizarre behaviour of liars. Liars never put things in writing as a legal action is often the answer to clarify things. Its not surprising lies go round when Jesus was crucified on the cross by some men claiming to be religious !

If the trouble was just caused by misunderstandings and its possible then there is no excuse for it now. I remember seeing Cane and Abel, a film on tv, and at the end two of the characters who feuded for years thereby causing upset to others, realised they were actually both good and could have been friends and that it was caused by misunderstandings. I would like to think that is the explanation and that there will be no slander and spite in future.

Were you from a happy family ?

I certainly was lucky to be brought up by hardworking professional people and travel the world as they defended our wonderful country. No children should ever have to see domestic violence or discover their family in other towns were sent to prison for just being told they were buying bankrupt stock to feed lots and lots of children and yet my family life was mostly happy. My grandparents were angels and nothing really bad ever happened. We have all helped the poor and believe we all belong to the family of God and that brings me great happiness and Sarah Jane who is like a sister and I help Melvin Banks to help the orphanages in India and believe donating money for Bibles all around the world including China can help bring better health, peace and love. We help dozens of other charities and will always help others to have as happy a home life as possible.


Have you got relatives in America ?

Yes and the family trees listing hundreds of Americans and many nationalities called Royalty for Commoners will help bring world unity. The Queen mother was a good example of how someone called a commoner can be made a Queen by the advisers and royal family and the royal family will only survive if they set a good example like the Queen and also like her treat the billions of so called commoners ! as equals. The Queen is wonderful.

Dear Tony and Sarah

Thank you for your ministry and help at Llanarth Community Hall, South Wales 23rd and 24th April. You were both wonderful and are greatly appreciated by us all.

Did you have a good journey home ?

See you both soon.

The Reverend Melvin and Lilian Banks

Dear Reverend Melvin and Lilian Banks

Thank you for the card and thank you letters you send every week.

Yes the Journey and scenery travelling home from Wales was fine.

A man from the Forest of Dean who was there wants you and us to attend his Church of England Church and will ring your office.

See you at the next church event as arranged.

Best Wishes

Sarah Jane and Tony

Dear Tony Durant and your Christian sister Sarah Jane

Your help and ministry for the hundreds of people and others as always is greatly appreciated by us in Wales and the 23rd and 24th April was excellent.

The man with diabetes whose leg has been amputated was very depressed and is delighted Sarah Jane and yourself showed him such kindness. He hopes you will write to him at Coleford. Thank Sarah for taking time to speak to them. Its very helpful she has medical knowledge from working for Consultants and showed great understanding of all the many health problems of our people. her goodness shines and we felt blessed.

There were a lot of our Reverends there and the Holy Spirit was amongst us. We are so pleased you liked our Reverend Edgar. His family have done a lot for Wales, his mother being a Teacher and his grandfather providing lots of jobs. He is very grateful to you all.

Will your good selves and the good Reverend Banks be back here soon ? The Reverend Melvin Banks is a well respected man of God and we were so happy to see him, his wife and you. Yours sincerely

Elizabeth and George Godwin

Dear Elizabeth and George Godwin,

We love helping the Welsh people, who are all so nice.

We are very fond of the Reverend Edgar and delighted he is so well in his eighties.

We will certainly all see you soon and will send a calendar of events. Please call the Reverend Melvin Banks at Chippenham.

Sarah has promised to write to the man with diabetes and his nice wife.

Our prayers will be with you always.

Yours sincerely

Tony Durant and Sarah Jane Newbury

Hi there. I am part of the St George family who are descended from one of the Durants in Tong. We have extensive information on the Durant family (they used one "r") and we attended a St George-Durant reunion in New Zealand back in 1983, when a tree had been drawn up, going back to the earliest Durant on record, one Richard Durant in the 1700s.

I've been to Tong castle (the ruined foundation of it anyway) and the lovely little church there has all the Durants buried in it (they were a dominating family in Tong). Some of them were slightly mad though!

I also have a copy of the records of George Durant, who bought the castle. An amazing read - he travelled to the Caribbean to fight in the war there and came back a rich man (somehow!), buying the castle and getting himself some mistresses in the process. One of his illegitimate sons went to New Zealand and changed his name to St George in the process, starting our branch.

-Paul St George, Tokyo.